Ann Wikland

Ann Wikland

Senior Marketing Communications Coordinator

With her background in the advertising industry, Ann has always worked with communication in one way or another. Ann works at Semantix as a Marketing Coordinator.

Posts written by Ann Wikland

Many of a company’s employees get involved when a tendering process is under way. Prices and company presentations need to be drawn up at various different levels, references must be taken and everything has to be interpreted from a legal perspective. In short, there is a lot to think about when submitting a tender.

When the content of texts to be translated is a matter of life or death, it’s extremely important that everything is correct. Our customers within the medical industry are experts in their own terminology. They have to be. There’s so much at stake when it comes to pharmaceuticals.


 A PIM system is, of course, an incredibly useful product information management tool for businesses. But SEO – influencing where your texts end up in Google’s rankings – is also extremely important.

The word PIM conjures up images of Pimm’s, the refreshing summertime alcoholic drink. It’s a pleasing sounding acronym, but I didn’t really know anything about it before I did a little research. In this post I’ll explain what exactly PIM is, and why businesses use it.

Do we really need to compile lists of our company’s terms? We just want the text translated quickly. And working with terms sounds like hard work. But the fact is that when we’ve taken the time to create a term database in the past, the results have been much better. So here is some advice about how and why to lay the groundwork for translating your company’s texts, ultimately achieving truly effective translation processes.

One requirement for the growth of many companies’ business is a well-visited website. SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the art of writing text on a website so that it corresponds to what customers search for using Google and other search engines. Today, most companies have someone who is responsible for the search engine optimisation of their website. Search engine optimisation is carried out in the website’s original language, but can easily be forgotten when translating the website. Here are some tips for dealing with search terms and language versions.

David Karlsson works for our Sales Support team. Here, he draws up quotations and prepares translation assignments together with our customers. When he receives an enquiry about translating a website, he tries to get as much information as possible and liaises with the customer to find the best way of working. I chatted with David to find out what he does when a customer needs a website translated.