Malin Ljungberg

Malin Ljungberg

Marketing Communications Coordinator

Having a journalist-program in the baggage Malin has worked in Communications, PR and Marketing. She now works as a Marketing Coordinator at Semantix and is primarily responsible for the digital presence. This means a strong focus on Social Media. Malin is inspired to find new ways and perspectives when it comes to getting around in the Social Media jungle.

Posts written by Malin Ljungberg

With half of the world’s population now online* and as globalisation takes hold, businesses can no longer afford to ignore the value of translated content. And with so many new markets up for grabs, why would you want to?

Did you know that the Dutch have a word to describe the warm feeling of being with your loved ones? Not the easiest concept to translate into English, is it? Here are nine heart-warming words from around the world that can’t be translated.

Semantix is in Skellefteå, among all the drum drills, bore crowns and miners at Euro Mine Expo, where international companies operating within the mining industry come together to share their knowledge. Many of those attending Euro Mine Expo also carry out translation themselves within their own companies. So I have a few questions for those who do so. Do you have time? Is it what you were employed to do? Are the translations accurate? Do you know about your company’s unique terms? Do you know what a drum drill is called in other languages? Personally, I wouldn’t have a clue.

CAT stands for computer assisted translation or computer aided translation, and is a collective name for various tools that have been developed to assist translators in their work. Their basic function is the ability to import documents in different formats, segmenting the text into sentences or paragraphs. Once these segments have been translated, the translation can be exported back into the same format as the original text.