What is an Interpretab?

What is an Interpretab?

Having an interpreter physically present may not always be practical, economical or appropriate, for various reasons. In certain circumstances we can provide a telephone interpreter, but this isn’t always ideal. And traditional video interpreting can sometimes be difficult to arrange due to the availability of the necessary equipment. But we have created a smart and very simple solution for these cases… (drumroll):

Published 1/11/2016

What is an Interpretab?

The Interpretab is a brand new video interpreting solution that makes life easier for everyone involved. It combines the quality of an on-site interpreter with the convenience of a telephone interpreter

A user-friendly solution

With the Interpretab, you can easily connect to an interpreter that you have booked through Semantix. Enter your booking number and then connect using the on-screen menu. With just a couple of taps, you will get an available interpreter with the right expertise via video link, making it easy to get started.

To see how it works in practice, you can watch our Interpretab video (in Swedish).

Security and confidentiality

Since many interpreting situations are of a sensitive nature, the Interpretab is of course just as secure as other forms of video interpreting – only much more portable and much easier to use. Everything is sent using encrypted, secure technology. No one else can access your communication.


The Interpretab is compact and convenient, and is simple to use. You can make bookings easily and get access to an interpreter with both audio and video. Since the interpreter doesn’t need to be physically present, you also have access to a wider range of bookable interpreters with the right expertise. This makes the Interpretab a more environmentally friendly alternative, as interpreters don’t have to make as many journeys.

For more information about the Interpretab, please contact us at tolk@semantix.se. You can find out more by visiting the Interpretab page.

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