Why do we have a translation-specific technical department?

Why do we have a translation-specific technical department?

In the translation industry, the supply chain is very much like the British weather: from one project to the next it can be sunny, cloudy, rainy, stormy and then cloudy again – all during the same day.

Published 6/15/2014

At Semantix’s translation-specific technical department, TTS (Technical Translation Solutions), we simply try to bring stability and sunshine to everybody involved in all projects, every day, all year round.

What, when and why, instead of just how

TTS stands for Technical Translation Solutions, and we provide technical know-how, consultancy, support, training and best practices for all parties involved in the translation supply chain. It is our job to provide information about different possible solutions: what to do, when to do it and why it should be done, rather than just telling people how to do it.

Some examples of where we make a difference:

  • At Semantix we meet with you and give you the opportunity to discuss the best way to prepare your materials for translation based on your specific circumstances. If you are not familiar with translation tools, or CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools as they are known, we will show you and tell you all about them. If you already have experience with translation tools and how they work, you can ask us any questions you might have.

  • We help our translators when they receive an assignment in a new CAT tool, have to follow specific instructions or encounter an obscure error message.

Keeping pace with the future

CAT tools and translation technologies in general are, of course, an important part of our focus, but our knowledge base is not limited to providing solutions for day-to-day operations. Our role is also to support Semantix’s decision-making. In this capacity, we monitor the latest developments within the translation industry, analyse and use this information to develop and improve our processes, and evaluate new tools and solutions.

Clear, simple and sustainable

As translation-specific technical specialists, our goal is to make sure things go smoothly for you. Simple solutions and clear answers are essential to the quality of what we deliver. There is no need for complex workarounds or reinventing the wheel. Our job is always to find the most cost-effective and time-efficient solution for your company.