How to perform a layout check

A layout verification of the translated material is often carried out after the translation has been completed. This is done to ensure that all text has been translated, all images are still in the right position, and so on.

This is intended as a general checklist of things that should be checked at this inspection.

Before layout verification

Before layout control is started, check that

  • All translated files have been included
  • All necessary fonts are available
  • All necessary images are available (if necessary for creating PDFs etc.)
  • The correct version of the program is used

Go through the client-specific DTP checklist, if there is one.

Inspection of translated files

The translated files should be checked against the source files in the following areas:


Make sure the correct

  • Styles are used (Title, Body, ...)
  • Formatting (bold, italic, underline, ...) is used
  • Language settings are being used in the styles, if hyphenation is turned on


  • If high-resolution PDFs have been requested, make sure all images have been linked and are displayed properly
  • Images may not be moved without approval from the client; see the DTP checklist, if attached

Page layout

Check that

  • Headers and footers are translated and look good
  • Pages flow (some languages swell and, to maintain the number of pages, sometimes font size and/or line spacing needs to be adjusted, which must be approved by the client; see the DTP checklist, if attached)

Text content

Check that

  • All text is included and has been translated
  • Cross-references still function and have been translated
  • Table of contents, indexes, and other generated content is updated
  • Codes, variables, and bookmarks have been translated and function properly
  • All text in text boxes is visible

Special characters, etc.

Check that

  • Line breaks and tabs are correct

Also keep an eye out for

  • Double-spacing
  • Hard spaces
  • Space before dots and commas
  • Double dots
  • Quotation marks (must follow the language conventions, unless otherwise indicated)
  • Inch symbols (several programs replace the quotation marks)
  • Units of measurement defined in accordance with the SI Guide (SIS models) (space before the % character, °C, ...)

PDF and final delivery to Semantix

Check the instructions for delivery in PDF format for the project. Unless otherwise specified, create a low-resolution PDF for reference.

All other files must be delivered in correct version (.fm/.indd) and in correct folder structure. In some cases it might also be necessary to deliver interchange formats (.mif/.idml).

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