As standard, machine translation will be applied as a resource in all Memsource projects, together with the regular translation memory and termbase. Since the quality of the machine translation output varies considerably due to language combination and subject matter, your purchase order will be based on a post-analysis of your translation.

Before accepting a request you will receive a regular pre-analysis against the translation memory, in order to see the scope of the project. When your translation is ready we will run a post-analysis, which measures the MT post-editing effort for each segment by comparing the machine translation output with the final post-edited translation (edit distance).

If the suggested machine translation was accepted without editing (no changes needed), it will come up as a 100% match in the analysis. If you change the MT output heavily, the match rate will be close to 0%.

This means that you can’t download any PO when the job is started. The PO is generated only when you finish the job in the Vendor portal.

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