How to work with light post-editing

Post-editing is editing of machine-translated text. The end result should be a grammatically, syntactically and semantically correct target text reflecting the source text. Client-specific translation memories, post-analysis or termbases are normally not applied.

Post-editing is paid per word. We estimate a production rate approx. twice as high compared to regular translation.


  • Use as much of the raw MT output as possible.
  • Ensure that no information has been added or omitted.
  • Basic rules regarding spelling, punctuation and hyphenation apply.
  • Ensure that formatting and tags are correct.


  • Do NOT pay attention to terminology consistency or style.

How to proceed

  1. Read the machine-translated target segment.
  2. Make a mental note of the keywords and whether or not the target text seems to make sense.
  3. Then, read the source segment.
  4. Compare the meaning of the source and target texts.
  5. Return to the target text and insert all the necessary changes to make it a grammatically, syntactically and semantically correct reflection of the source text.

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