COVID-19 UPDATE: We are fully operational and here to support your business with translation and interpreting projects as usual.

Soon only one Semantix Vendor Portal

As you have already been informed, Semantix will gradually phase out the locally used vendor portals/project management systems and continue with only one, which is the one used by the former Amesto Translations. Many of you are already familiar with this portal, and at some point within the coming six months, Sesam, MindLincs and HAL will no longer be in use. All vendor data will be transferred to this new vendor portal.


When your vendor profile has been transferred, you will receive a message from the system:

“You’ve been invited to join Semantix’ vendor portal. Please verify your personal data and activate your account [link]”.

User name: Your email address

Follow the link in the message and activate your account. We also need you to verify that all data is correct and complete with regard to language pairs, job types, specializations and rates. Please also fill in the information on the qualifications page.

Most importantly, for us to be able to pay you, we need you to add your payment method and complete all the fields in the payments tab. Feel free to also send us your updated CV if you think the information we have is outdated.


Now, you are ready to receive job offers from the portal. You will receive the offers via email. Click on the link in the email to access your profile in the vendor portal and accept or reject the offer.

N.B. Your PM will send the offer to sometimes one vendor, sometimes a few selected vendors with the right experience and qualifications for the project. You have two hours to reply, however, the project will automatically be assigned to the first vendor who accepts the offer within this time frame. We know that this will be a welcome change that facilitates your planning.


The default setting is that jobs are done in Memsource. A linguist account will be set up for you in our Memsource cloud and you will receive a separate email with login details.

N.B. Each portal has a separate Memsource cloud, so there is one for Sesam, one for MindLincs and one for the new portal. You will not be able to access the portal using your credentials for another Memsource cloud. If you have your own Memsource vendor token, this information must be updated manually by us. Please inform us by sending an email. Please also inform the PM if you for some reason will not accept projects in Memsource. As this is the default setting, PMs will expect you to do so when they send out the offer.


You will find your purchase orders in the portal. For Memsource projects involving MT (machine translation), you will first find one PO with the pre-analysis (before you begin translating) and, when you have delivered your translation, the PO will be updated with the post-analysis. Should you notice a discrepancy in the PO, please contact the PM immediately so that any mistakes can be rectified before your specification is sent out.


You will receive a job specification on the morning of the last day of each month, after which you may upload your invoice in the portal for smooth payment. The specification will include all jobs that you have delivered during the month. However, jobs completed after 17.00 (GMT+1) on the second last day of each month will not be included in the job specification until next month. There will still be different Semantix companies to invoice, but this will be stated in each specification. You can find detailed information here.

There are two things you must remember when invoicing:

  1. The invoice must match the job specification exactly when it comes to the sum, the Semantix company and the Semantix company’s VAT number.
  2. The invoice must be in PDF format. Invoices in Excel or Word will be rejected by the system.