Quick Guide to working with revision in Memsource

  1. Click the link in the assignment email.
  2. Click the button Open in Memsource.
  3. Click on the file(s) under Jobs. The file is opened in the Web Editor on a new tab in your browser.
  4. Go through the translation. Confirm each segment by hitting Ctrl + Enter.
  5. Enter any changes in the target column, or use the comment function to write suggestions and comments.
  6. When you’re done, go back to the Memsource project page, hit F5 to refresh and make sure it says “100%” under Confirmed.
  7. Fill out the Revision Report and upload it to our vendor portal. 
  8. Click I finished the job.

cloud download

Download complete instructions

You can also download complete instructions for how revision is performed in Memsource and how the connection to our portal works.  


Revision (examination of the translation)

Comparing source and target texts to ensure that the target text satisfies its purpose in the target language’s culture and that terminology is used correctly and matches any reference material. This must be done by someone other than the person who did the translation. The following must be ensured:

  1. that the full meaning of the source text has been reproduced
  2. that the spelling, punctuation and figures are correct
  3. that the terminology is consistent and follows current industry terminology
  4. that the translation is idiomatically correct
  5. that any required target group adaptation has been carried out
  6. that any provided reference material has been used
  7. that the project has been delivered in accordance with the Purchase Order and other project instructions.