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Translation made easy

Keep total control over your translation activities from one simple interface with Semantix Language Hub.

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Access everything from one place

Whether you want to order a translation or monitor your existing and historic orders, Semantix Language Hub lets you do this and much more from one simple, customisable interface.

You can access Language Hub on the go. Using the simple, streamlined interface, you can create and monitor your translations with ease and even check your brand’s terminology to make sure you’re sending a consistent message out into the world.

By choosing the right service through Language Hub, you can reduce costs, shorten delivery time and get your brand out there more quickly.

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How it works

When your content is ready for translation, create an order or quote using the simplified workflow. You can even reuse previous orders to quickly order recurring or similar translations.

After placing your order, monitor each translation from beginning to end and see exactly when to expect delivery. Using Semantix Language Hub’s customisable reporting tool, it’s easy to monitor your translation activity, costs and more, which will help you to streamline your work even more over time.

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Created by us, customised for you

Whether you just need to understand the context of a text or require highly polished content that will be read by millions, Semantix Language Hub lets you choose the service that fits your needs best.

Expand your Language Hub experience with a collection of useful add-ons. From 1-Hour Express translation for small tasks to secure machine translation and more, Language Hub add-ons give you the tools you need to make your life easier.

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Why Language Hub matters


Semantix Language Hub gives you the complete picture of your translation activities. No more ordering via email and tracking via spreadsheets – you do everything from within Language Hub.


Your brand is your outward image to the world, and it needs to be consistent. Having Language Hub on your mobile device means that, wherever you are, your brand terminology is just a swipe away.

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Add-on: Validation

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Add-on: Validation

Ensure your message hits the sweet spot…

Contribute to and influence your translations using your own in-house experts for your critical content.

Semantix Validation is for those times when you need an extra pair of eyes on your most valuable content, such as technical product documentation that only your in-house experts are familiar with.