Secure and quick automated translation services

Secure MT is an automated, high security translation tool, which can safely be used even for confidential information by multiple employees in a range of different languages. 

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What is Machine Translation?

We have seen the use of Machine Translation steadily increase over the years as the quality of MT has improved.

Machine translation (MT) is an automatic translation from one language to another. The benefits of machine translation are that it is possible to translate large swathes of text in a very short time while retaining the layout of the original.

What is Secure Machine Translation?

The Secure Machine Translation tool is based on the same machine translation used when you order a machine translated text from us. When you order MT from us, the translation takes place in a closed system via encrypted transfer. The difference between MT and Secure MT, however, is that the secure machine translation tool will be available to you and your employees at all times. 

If you need to translate sensitive information often, such as emails and internal documents, we recommend you use our Secure MT tool to ensure that you and your employees have a secure alternative to other free and unsafe web-based translation tools. Read on to learn why having a secure machine translation tool installed is imperative to your business. 

Why is secure MT needed when handling sensitive or confidential information?

 IT security breaches happens every day and everywhere in businesses. Why? The need to translate text occurs daily for some, and in such cases it is easy, fast and, above all, free to use web-based translation tools. IT security breaches often happen unconsciously and in good faith. However, once your employees have entered confidential information into free web-based machine translation tools, you have a problem. Once the data is pasted into an online translation tool, you are exposing your data to the world – it’s basically up for grabs for anyone.

That’s what the Norwegian multinational oil and gas company, Statoil experienced when, without knowing it, discovered it had leaked confidential information due to its use of free web-based translation tools. The confidential information was just a search term away on any search engine. You don’t want to be put in the same situation, for both your own company’s and your customers’ sake.  Read more about the potential dangers of using unsecure web-based translation tools.

Ensure that your employees have a secure option for translation

The number one reason behind eventual security breaches is that most companies simply do not provide a better alternative for their employees. So how can businesses prevent violations of IT security? You can start by informing the employees that they cannot use free translation services for business-related translations. You may also consider whether to block access to free web translation tools. However, as there are numerous free translation tools, doing so would be practically impossible.

Prevent possible IT security breaches when employees use free web machine translation (MT) tools that store and process corporate data. Instead, provide your employees with access to a secure service for professional use, which guarantees that the translation takes place in a closed system via encrypted transfer (over SSL).

When should you use the Secure MT tool?

Secure MT is a great tool when facing a growing volume of content requiring instant translation. Other than avoiding security breaches, secure machine translation is a cost-effective and time-saving way to translate. The tool is excellent for producing quick and comprehensible translations of manuals, emails, procurement documents and internal documents, but also for working with confidential information thanks to its secure connection. 

The service provides simple follow-up and reporting on, for example, used language pairs and the number of translated words. Secure MT can be ‘trained’ for a specific industry, organisation or subject area. This then increases the quality and accuracy of resulting translations.


Simple, flexible service that can easily be adapted to your company’s translation needs.

Quick turnaround
Short lead times, the translation can be returned almost instantly.

Retained layout
Translated files are returned in their original layout through Semantix' interface.

High security
All processing done via secure HTTPS connection. Encrypted data transfer. No files or texts are saved.