What is terminology?

Terminology is words that are specific to an area, an industry or a company. It might be how you name products or services in your company, or the expressions or jargon used in your industry or specialist field. All of this together is the terminology for the company, subject area or industry.

Will the translator be familiar with the terminology in our industry or sector?

Our translators are experts in the terms used in general in their respective specialist areas. However, it would be difficult for a translator to know the words your particular company usually uses to describe products and services. That specific knowledge is built up gradually with every assignment we carry out and through our communication with you.

Things might be described in several different ways in the field in which your company operates. Or the company’s management might have decided that something is to be said in a particular way. This is invaluable information for the translator, and essential to make sure the texts we translate for you use the terminology you expect. Terminology management is an important cornerstone of the preparation work ahead of a translation assignment, and is fundamental to ensure your texts are consistent.

How do we provide the company’s terminology?

Create a term list by putting all the company’s product names, industry expressions and any specific titles in an Excel file. Bear in mind that your term list will never be complete. It is a living document that is constantly added to as the company develops and adds products or services, etc.

How does Semantix work with terminology?

Once you have compiled your term list, send it to us for translation into the languages in which the company communicates. We will save your term list as a database and link it to our translation tools. The tools enable the translator to access your terminology and the translation will be adapted to your company’s own language.

Do all Semantix customers work with terminology?

No, not all of our customers work actively with terminology. But we have noticed that those who do, also tend to be our most satisfied customers. They put ongoing effort into aiding the translation result on the basis of their company’s needs, and in return they get consistent translations that match the company’s own language use. The time you put into compiling the company’s terminology will be repaid many times over. We promise.

How do I get in touch with Semantix?

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