Semantix Trust Center

As a leading provider of multilingual services, operating in a highly cloud-based environment, safeguarding our customers’ data is our absolute priority. Semantix is dedicated to building and retaining our customers' trust, and we have therefore established a Trust Center. The goal of the Trust Center is to provide you with information about how Semantix works within the five areas that our customers consider most important: quality, security, privacy, compliance, and transparency.

Quality Management System

ISO 9001

Semantix has implemented a quality management system (QMS), certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

Quality management is conducted on a strategic level to maintain constant focus, work on continuous improvements and to raise awareness of the importance of quality throughout the organisation.

The QMS is maintained and updated by Semantix program management in order to ensure that the QMS is effectively integrated at the company and lives up to the relevant international standards and best practices.

The purpose of our QMS is to sustain customer satisfaction by ensuring consistently high quality in the services provided so that they not only meet Semantix’ high quality, legal, and regulatory requirements, but also those of individual customers.

Information security and IT infrastructure

ISO 27001

We keep security in mind in everything we do. Our core IT infrastructure is based on the ISO 27001 information security standard, and we are currently working on obtaining full certification.

The language industry is fast-changing and agile development is essential in providing new services. We have combined stable basic processes with agile development to meet the needs of rapid development.

Since development is rapid and new technologies are developed faster than ever, information security is vital. Meeting customer requirements as well as securing personal data and corporate information has become our number one priority when processing data. We have always focused on providing high security solutions for our customers. We have a high basic security level and together with our customers we have developed turnkey solutions for when higher security levels are required.

Quality Policy

As a truly customer-obsessed company, we listen to, understand and meet every customer’s unique needs. We want to partner with our customers to support them in reaching their goals, and aim to enhance their work by:

  • delivering multilingual services securely and in line with our promises,
  • being innovative, and adopt and develop new language technologies,
  • systematically and continuously improving our ways of working and our services,
  • constantly complying with applicable law and other requirements
  • proactively inviting customers, partners, vendors and colleagues to collaborate and create value.

Rights to privacy

Privacy is a central factor in gaining and maintaining trust. We take customers’ rights to privacy seriously and we have therefore:

  • Rights of the Data Subject form on our website where an individual can exercise their rights concerning their personal data in accordance with GDPR.
  • Our Internal Privacy Policy for employees to ensure that employees know how we may handle personal data in the organization.
  • Our Information Security Policy and Guidelines for Suppliers to ensure that our suppliers handle the customer data with which they are entrusted with a high level of security.
  • Make sure that all employees and all language suppliers who process personal data for Semantix have signed NDAs.


To build trust it is necessary to make sure that you meet the requirements for accepted practices, legislation, prescribed rules and regulations. This work should be continuous, however, below are some of the aspects we have worked on most recently. 

  • We have signed Data Processing Agreements (and in many cases also Model Clauses) with all suppliers who process personal data for Semantix to ensure that all the requirements of the GDPR are also passed on to our subprocessors.
  • We have updated internal procedures to comply with GDPR, e.g. procedures about:
    • How to make a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
    • How to notify the supervisory authority in case of a breach.
  • We have completed GDPR awareness training for all employees to ensure that employees are knowledgeable of GDPR requirements. 


Because we believe that compliance should be a lot more than setting up legal agreements, we work actively with being transparent. Transparency at Semantix means that we do our best to make as much information as possible easily available to all our customers, suppliers and partners about how we protect your data that is required for collaboration, cooperation and decision-making. Since we want to show you how we protect your data in a transparent manner, we have made available our Privacy Policy, our Cookie Policy and our General Terms and Conditions for Translation Services.