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Semantix is responsive to our needs, and the company understands our prerequisites and requirements very well. We also experience Semantix as proactive and open.

Petra Kalholm, Subaru Nordic
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Language technology

World class translation technology

Language technology

Semantix vision is to be the leading language technology company for multilingual services

GlobalLink translation software gives you complete control, and the flexibility to choose your preferred translators, combine external and internal resources, and automate manual processes.

Bring automation into the translation ordering process

By working with us, you can add automation to the translation ordering process and connect your CMS, PIM or other application with our translation tool.

Interpreting services

Interpreter participating in simultaneous interpreting

Interpreting services

Every day our interpreters carry out over 2,000 projects in 200 languages

Over the years, we have gradually expanded our range of technical solutions to improve both quality and customer experience.

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Digital Marketing Services

Translation agency and software

Digital Marketing Services

Our extensive range of digital marketing services

We deliver precision-targeted, multilingual content that achieves strategic objectives and boosts global presence.

Supercharge your digital marketing

Proofreading and editing of AI-translated content

Our experienced language specialists can proof, edit, fact-check, adapt and optimise your multilingual content. While you can save time by using AI translation, we make sure your translated content reads like it's written by a native speaker.

Proofreading and translation of AI content

Your Semantix team could look something like this

Account manager

Main point of contact who stays informed about your ongoing needs.

Language specialists

Translators, proofers, reviewers, editors, subtitlers, copywriters and more – carefully selected to meet your needs.

Project manager

Manages the day-to-day planning and execution of your language jobs.

Solutions architect

Develops solutions to improve your language experience, including optimising workflows and systems.

Translation agency & professional content services

We are fluent in over 170 languages, and have more than 2,000 translators and language specialists on hand.

Communicate more, communicate accurately. With less effort. With Semantix you get language solutions tailored to support every part of your business.


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