Full audio and video transcription solutions

Transcribing your own audio and video content can be time-consuming and costly. Effective transcription often requires more than just ‘writing down what is said’. Professionally produced transcripts help you reach a wider audience. They save you time and money.

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Why you need transcription services

Transcription involves translating audio and video content into text. Elements other than speech, like laughter, reactions and timing, can also be described in transcripts. Transcribing your own audio and video content can be time-consuming.

If you need transcription services, we can help you find a solution that ensures your material is enjoyed by audiences around the world.

What are transcriptions used for?

Online video has become the most popular media content in recent years. In fact, it’s estimated that the average person will spend 100 minutes each day watching online videos in 2021. That’s why quality, accurate transcription is more important than ever before.
Your source content can be translated and transcribed into over 200 languages, opening the door to more audiences around the world.


Translated interview transcriptions create a permanent, understandable record and can be distributed to people who speak another language. They’re also a great tool for analysing what was said during an interview.

Software and enterprise transcriptions

Transcription of large amounts of audio or video content provides a tool to improve the accuracy of virtual assistants using voice recognition.

Legal transcripts

Transcriptions of legal matters can be used as evidence or as part of court proceedings. They are often useful in family law cases to record comments by each party.

Corporate events, seminars and lectures

Multilingual transcriptions of hosted events are particularly useful when an interpreter isn’t available. A transcription in the required language may be simpler to distribute than a subtitled video. Your content goes global while you don’t have to.

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Full multimedia solutions to reach a global audience

You don’t need to work with several providers if you choose Semantix as your language solution partner. We provide translated transcriptions, voice-overs and subtitling in over 200 languages – whatever your project needs, we’ve got it covered.

Whether transcription is only part of your complex multilingual content or a simple same-language audio transcription is all you need, your project is important to us.

As Semantix offers full-language solutions, we do everything needed in-house, giving you a single point of contact for your project. This leaves you to do what you do best, while we make sure your content is understood with clarity.

There’s no need to worry about the security of your audio and video content either. We are ISO 27001 certified and our transcription work is carried out by accredited language professionals using industry-standard tools.

Translated transcriptions

Commonly used nuances, idioms and phrases can have subtle differences in meaning when translated into another language.

Our translated transcription services are provided by native speakers working with the latest technology. This means they can transcribe and then translate your message, rather than just the words.

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Search engines love transcriptions

If your business has audio or video content online, transcription helps search engines find it. While search engine AI is impressive, it can’t crawl the content of a video. Having a transcript means that a search engine can ‘understand’ your content and rank it correctly.

That means when your customers type in a relevant search term, a transcript increases your chances of them finding your content– essential for effective marketing and keeping on your audience’s radar.

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