Full audio and video transcription solutions

Transcribing your own audio and video content can be time-consuming and costly. Effective transcription often requires more than just ‘writing down what is said’. Professionally produced transcripts help you reach a wider audience. They save you time and money. If you need transcription services, we can help you find a solution that ensures your material is enjoyed by audiences around the world.

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Our transcribers have extensive experience of converting audio to text in diverse contexts, such as police interviews, legal inquiries, research project interviews, lectures and the like.

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What are transcriptions used for?

Transcription involves translating audio and video content into text. Elements other than speech, like laughter, reactions and timing, can also be described in transcripts.

Transcribing audio to text

Your source content can be translated and transcribed into over 200 languages. We are able to transcribe from the vast majority of audio and video formats, and deliver the transcription in one of the standard word processing formats.


Translated interview transcriptions create a permanent, understandable record and can be distributed to people who speak another language. They’re also a great tool for analysing what was said during an interview.

Software and enterprise transcriptions

Transcription of large amounts of audio or video content provides a tool to improve the accuracy of virtual assistants using voice recognition.

Legal transcripts

Transcriptions of legal matters can be used as evidence or as part of court proceedings. They are often useful in family law cases to record comments by each party.

Corporate events, seminars and lectures

Multilingual transcriptions of hosted events are useful when an interpreter isn’t available. A transcription in the required language may be simpler to distribute than a subtitled video.

We are ISO 27001 certified

There’s no need to worry about the security of your content. We are ISO 27001 certified and our work is carried out by accredited language professionals using industry-standard tools.

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Full-language solutions - we do everything needed in-house

Whether transcription is only part of your complex multilingual content or a simple same-language audio transcription is all you need, your project is important to us.

As Semantix offers full-language solutions, we do everything needed in-house, giving you a single point of contact for your project.
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Transcription by native speakers

Transcribe and then translate your message, rather than just the words.

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Transcribing audio to text with Semantix

We are able to transcribe from the vast majority of audio and video formats

We deliver the transcription with the simplest possible formatting in one of the standard word processing formats.

Translations to practically any language

If you would like the transcribed material to be translated into another language afterwards, Semantix can assist with translations to practically any language.

We charge per hour of work, not per minute of the recording

Since there are many factors which affect the time it takes to complete a transcription, we charge per hour of work, not per minute of the recording.

Transformation from one thing to another

Transcription style - examples

True verbatim transcription is the most detailed method, which includes all sounds and non-verbal communication, such as laughter and pauses.

E.g.: “… I think that because there are so many… um… different requirements… and.. um.. different segments.. that, if you focus one of them (laughs), then.. and yes, there is much need in the age group between 25 and 50.. (coughs) or 55, actually.”

Intelligent verbatim transcription is a style which edits and abridges the text to create a reader-friendly transcript. Pauses and incomplete sentences are omitted.

E.g.: “There are so many different requirements and segments, that, if you focus on one of them, there is much need in the age group between 25 and 55.”
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Full multimedia solutions to reach a global audience

You don’t need to work with several providers if you choose Semantix as your language solution partner. We provide translated transcriptions, voice-overs and subtitling in over 200 languages – whatever your project needs, we’ve got it covered.


Semantix subtitling and closed captions are created by native-speaking professionals – real people providing real language solutions. We create subtitles your audience understands.

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Using multilingual voice-overs enables the same video to be understood in multiple languages, which eliminates video reshoots, reduces costs and cuts production timescales.

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MediaNEXT technology

Our revolutionary, cloud-based technology platform provides an easy and cost-effective way to localise and manage all creative media. Find out how MediaNEXT can help.

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Translated transcriptions

Commonly used nuances, idioms and phrases can have subtle differences in meaning when translated into another language.

Our translated transcription services are provided by native speakers working with the latest technology. This means they can transcribe and then translate your message, rather than just the words.
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Search engines love transcriptions

If your business has audio or video content online, transcription helps search engines find it. While search engine AI is impressive, it can’t crawl the content of a video. Having a transcript means that a search engine can ‘understand’ your content and rank it correctly.

That means when your customers type in a relevant search term, a transcript increases your chances of them finding your content– essential for effective marketing and keeping on your audience’s radar.

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  • What does transcription cost?

    Every project is unique. That’s why we look carefully at your exact requirements before we provide a full proposal, including cost. Get quote and order here.

  • Do you offer translated transcriptions?

    Absolutely. Our language experts have extensive experience in translating transcriptions into over 200 languages.

  • What formats do you transcribe from?

    We can transcribe from the vast majority of audio and video formats. If you’re in doubt, we’re happy to help.

  • What type of industries does Semantix work with?

    We work with public bodies, universities and research firms, as well as commercial enterprises. Whatever your specific industry needs, working with Semantix ensures your transcriptions are tailored to help you reach your audience better.

  • How long do your transcription services take?

    Semantix delivers fast. Although turnaround times can vary, depending on the scope and content of the work, we provide you with an estimated completion date.

  • What formats do you deliver transcriptions in?

    We provide our transcriptions in a standard word-processed format that’s easy for you to use, such as Microsoft Word.

  • What is transcription?

    Transcription, or transcribing as it is often referred to, is the process of converting speech from an audio or video recording into text. Transcription entails more than just listening to recordings. The content must be understood and nothing should be omitted. Learning to transcribe quickly and accurately takes time. You can therefore save both time and money by letting one of our experienced professionals do the job for you. Our transcribers have extensive experience of converting audio to text in diverse contexts, such as police interviews, legal inquiries, research project interviews, lectures and the like.

    Transcription is not the same as writing. Regardless of whether the transcription is of a party in a court case or a participant in a survey, research project or similar being interviewed, it involves more than just typing or writing down the words that are spoken. Depending on the purpose and focus of the task, it may be necessary to convey everything from stressed syllables to hesitations and delayed responses. It should be noted, however, that any transcription of spoken conversation is a contraction thereof, since it is virtually impossible to capture all of a conversation’s elements in writing.

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Our top 5 tips for a good quality sound recording

A good quality sound recording can make the transcription work much easier and will most likely result in a more advantageous price for your transcription.

  1. Avoid background noise. Microphones can easily capture background noise. Close any doors and ensure that those nearby speak as little as possible.
  2. Speak one at a time, without talking over or interrupting each other.
  3. Place the microphone in a position where it will be able to capture sound from all speakers.
  4. Speak clearly and slowly.
  5. Use good equipment. Using a dictation machine with an inbuilt microphone or analogue sound recording equipment may give a poorer quality end result.
How to transcribe audio & video files into text