Engaging content for international e-learning

Make your online learning materials effective for all users, regardless of their language, culture or geographical location.

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Authoring, localising and launching international e-learning programmes

  • Multilingual corporate e-learning localisation
  • Fast, accurate translation by a network of over 7,000 language experts
  • Specialised Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ), IT and HR e-learning translation to ensure complete user comprehension, whatever the language
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Taking e-learning to a global audience

Successful delivery of multilingual online training means your original content needs to be translated quickly and accurately, while still maintaining your unique tone of voice. Thereby, you can ensure policy documents, such as codes of conduct, strategy implementation and IT policies, are understood. We have native speakers of over 238 languages who can:

Localise written, video, audio, e-learning software and interactive content

Provide copywriting services and maintain your brand terminology

Ensure your online learning materials meet compliance standards in every country

E-learning in every language

Our language experts are all native speakers. This enables them to accurately translate your course into a new language by making sure your information isn’t diluted or changed due to local language nuances.

Accurate, effective translations are dependent on your translator’s multilingual skills and their experience in your industry. We’ll pair you with an experienced professional who understands your unique requirements.

Training materials to suit every topic and every student

Effective e-learning materials must be adaptable and wide-ranging in order to successfully teach the diverse range of corporate training topics. Here is just a selection of the training materials we use in our e-learning programmes.

Video content, offline materials, documentation, resource files, language training and cultural training

Remote interpretation platforms, learning management systems and development workshops

Training guides, manuals, meeting materials and Learning Management System (LMS) interfaces


Save up to 40% in costs

As part of the TransPerfect family, we know what it takes to deploy a successful global learning and development programme quickly and cost effectively.

In fact, by centralising your global learning and development requirements, we can cut your costs by as much as 40%.
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Reliable e-learning material

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Reliable e-learning material

Whether you use PowerPoint presentations, video, audio or interactive content, we’ll translate your materials to the required language.

We can localise every part of your e-learning content to meet the needs of international users.

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Project management of all your localisation workflows

Managed localisation workflow from end to end

Overview of all your projects in Semantix Language Hub

A tailored solution, whatever level of management you need

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Not only does e-learning localisation mean your materials are understood clearly in new languages, it also helps you to achieve compliance with the legal guidelines for accessibility.

Our translations are subject to a validation process. This means you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your material meets the relevant standards for full compliance.


We create bespoke curricula for a range of learning styles to suit your organisation.

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Video Training

Bring the training to life with video content customised to maximise engagement.

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Translation memories

We ensure your e-learning content is translated according to your style guide.

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Complete e-learning management at your fingertips

When you’re delivering online learning in several languages, complex administrative tasks and monitoring your projects are a continual requirement.

With Semantix as your partner, you’ll have instant access to real-time project performance information, including your budget and spend. This saves you time and enables you to quickly determine how well your content is working for you.

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