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Language technology

Automate your localisation workflows with connectors and APIs

Create and optimise the project flows for your content.

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Tools adapted to your needs

Drive global accuracy in your voice through terminology

Our systems help you retain your brand voice across markets.

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Scaling your brand

Discover how to scale your multi-lingual communication and control every step

Accurate and efficient translations at every level.

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Advanced translation technology

Advanced translation technology

GlobalLink - Integrated translation solutions for a connected world

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Take your software apps global

Cellphone with two hands in front of it

Take your software apps global

The best app localisation tools in the industry

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Client case: Integrating with Semantix using connectors

“To facilitate a fully digital process for translation, as seen from the NanoLearning author or administrator, we engaged with Semantix to reach this goal.”


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Globalise your video or audio material

High-quality, professionally produced video and audio content can be a significant investment. By adding multilingual voice-overs or subtitles you can reuse your existing material for multiple international audiences, reducing costs and production times.

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One-click access to any language

Focus on overall business goals, not regional language nuances. Our project managers will assist you in every step of your translation projects

We guide you through big and small multilingual projects and handle all aspects involved.

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Our translators and editors make sure your content is adapted and enhanced just the right way.

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We set up and optimise workflows based on your business needs.

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Transformation from one thing to another

Machine translation

Create a customised machine translation engine that is tailored to your specific industry or subject area, to optimise the quality and accuracy of your machine-translated content. The ideal solution when you need to produce quick results to understand the essence of manuals, emails, web content, social media updates and other content written in another language.

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