Speak everyone’s language

With Semantix interpreting, everyone can express themselves clearly and be understood

Interpreting how you want it

Solutions for any occasion – by phone, on-site, via video or human to human

Choose the right kind of interpreting service for any situation, event or conference. We’ve decades of experience.

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Seamless meetings

Efficient and clear communication to make meetings smooth and productive

Our skilled interpreters melt away into the background, and you can focus on the conversation at hand.

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Conference interpreting at any scale

Engage with your audience

For conferences, we have interpreters and project managers who specialise in these events and their unique language challenges.

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Size is everything

Smiling darkhaired woman

Size is everything

Our unique network of language professionals can be tailored to a solution for every need

Ours is the biggest language network in Europe, handling more than half a million assignments each year from rapid-response work to international conferences and business meetings. Dedicated project managers will evaluate your requirements and create the perfect language package.

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Man with headphones participating in video meeting

Interpreter on video for digital meetings

We offer several digital solutions that provide you with an interpreter on video for your business meetings, webinars, conferences and other calls or events. We can handle big as well as small interpreting tasks. You can, for example, avoid physical meetings in cases of illness or risk of infection, or when a physical meeting is simply not possible.

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Certified interpreters that capture the essence of every conversation

Interpreting is a unique skill, requiring cultural awareness, business acumen and linguistic talent. We only work with screened, certified interpreters to make your communication shine.

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Happy to help

Big or small, here’s what to look for when selecting the interpreting solution for your business.

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