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Language services for AI-generated content

Contact us today to improve on and translate your AI content. We can translate, edit, fact-check and adapt your AI-generated texts and other media so you can rely on them to deliver the right messages in every language.

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How we can improve your AI-generated content:

Content editing

Be confident that your AI-generated content is delivering your message to a worldwide audience – exactly as you intended.


We’ll translate, fact-check and proofread your content. Our translators work across more than 200 languages, so we have the experts ready to help.

Terminology and style

We use your brand’s own style guide and terminology lists to adapt your AI content to match your organisation’s unique voice.

Seamless integration at every phase of your content workflow

Our suite of multilingual AI-driven copy-editing and translation services supports you throughout your content process and can be implemented quickly in the following areas:

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Seamless translation and refinement of AI-generated content directly within your Content Management System for optimum efficiency.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our linguistic solutions can be integrated with most leading CRM platforms, accelerating your operational workflows.

Content development processes

Our team of experienced project managers integrates seamlessly with your established content cycles, ensuring a streamlined process that eliminates feedback loops.

Get the facts

Get the facts

Our team of industry experts can assist in fact-checking your AI content to reduce the risk of sharing incorrect information.

Content generated by AI can contain so-called hallucinations – responses containing factually incorrect information. Fact-checking ensures that your AI material is working for you rather than against you... in every language.

Search engine optimisation for your AI content

Our language experts can adapt your AI-generated content to perform well for search engines in all your target markets.

This helps your page reach your target audience and reduces the risk of it simply disappearing into the vastness of the internet.

Avoid AI detection

Our language specialists can edit your source content to make sure it passes AI detection tests and is categorised as unique. If your content is flagged as AI-generated by search engines, your website page rankings can suffer.

Google is improving its detection technology and tightening its standards, and other search engines are following suit. To ensure your content isn’t flagged as AI-generated, some of it should be edited or written by a human.
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Multimedia? No problem

Headphones used for subtitling

Multimedia? No problem

Our language specialists can work with AI content of all media types

  • Your AI-generated video subtitles can be checked for accuracy and tone of voice.
  • We can make sure that your AI-translated social media content engages your audience as if it’s written by a native speaker.
  • AI-generated multilingual podcast transcriptions can be edited to help your audio material reach every corner of the globe.
Whether you’re using AI-generated copy, audio, video or images with text, we can help make sure AI works for you, and not against you.

Let’s get your AI content delivering like never before

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