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App translation software

Make sure that all your customers enjoy your apps exactly as you intend, wherever in the world they are and whatever language they speak. Using our powerful app translation software means that you can make and preview changes then give your users instant access, without them having to update or reinstall their apps.


Translation project management

Enjoy stress-free translation project management using TransPORT, our fully customisable management solution. TransPORT enables managers to oversee the entire translation workflow, from project creation to final approval, and access detailed information to simplify decision-making. Use TransPORT to manage schedules, track, submit, review and approve content, and much more.

Project Director

Project Director

Translation automation

Our flagship suite of localisation applications, Project Director, is a powerful web-based platform that seamlessly integrates with databases and e-commerce platforms across multiple vendor sites. Using GlobalLink Project Director, you can work with any file format, enjoy end-to-end translation automation and manage workflows across all your translation sites from one dashboard.

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Translation management shouldn’t be a headache

Translation management is complex and time-consuming. Integrating your translation management using our industry-leading solutions simplifies your workflows, frees up your time for other tasks and eliminates inevitable human errors. Choose from more than 50 pre-built integration apps and configurable APIs to automate all your content imports and exports.

Mobile app and gaming localisation

Mobile app translation should be accurate in every language, consistent on any device, and shouldn’t mean having to resubmit content to app stores. GlobalLink provides a cloud-based platform that integrates with web content, mobile apps and gaming development systems to make multilingual app localisation simple.

Let AI machine translation cut your workload

AI machine translation is fast and reduces your localisation costs. Our cutting-edge neural machine translation solutions learn as they translate, and can be customised to your content and brand voice. AI translation offers an easy, accurate, multilingual translation solution – no matter what the volume of your content.

Simplify translation workflow management

Effective translation workflow management isn’t just overseeing content localisation for different marketplaces. It involves making sure every moving part of the process is working as it should, as well as delivering accurate results within tight deadlines. GlobalLink’s integrated workflow management streamline these complex moving parts, improve accuracy, and accelerate turnaround times – all without the cost of additional IT.

Optimise your glossary and terminology management

GlobalLink automates your translation glossary and terminology management to make sure your industry-specific terms and brand voice are consistent in every language and in every translation. Add or update terms in real-time and provide global translators with instant access. Using pre-approved terminology means improved accuracy across multiple languages, reduced editing and faster turnaround times.

Shared translation memories

Using effective translation memories means saving time and money while boosting your translation accuracy and consistency. Our completely customisable translation memory solution means never translating the same material twice. Memories are updated every time a translation is made and can be shared instantly with your team of internal or external translators, wherever in the world they are based.

Streamline translation reviews

Whatever the language of your content, the translation quality should be excellent and your industry-specific terms consistent throughout. That means having a robust content review process. But large volumes of translation reviews can be hard to manage. GlobalLink reduces editing time, improves accuracy and ensures that your content has the same impact in every language.

Connect with your international website customers

GlobalLink’s suite of multilingual website localisation tools makes every multi-language website launch simple. Accuracy, consistency and content reviews are vital, even when websites must be ready quickly and you have high volumes of content to translate and publish. GlobalLink’s customisable solutions integrate with your current platforms to help you take your website global without any frustrating delays.

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Quick website launches using OneLink

Taking your website to a multilingual marketplace can feel daunting. Exporting content, managing translations, reviews, testing – the list of tasks seems endless. OneLink is a feature-rich website localisation tool to help you launch your site in as little as 30 days, keep it up-to-date and manage it easily across all language versions.

Multilingual content management using GlobalLink Connect

Save hours of time spent on multilingual content management by letting GlobalLink Connect take the strain and leave your time free to spend on other tasks. Integrating with your CMS and translation services, GlobalLink Connect streamlines your content management workflow, automates regular tasks and provides you with a simple web-based review platform.

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Taking multimedia content global

Effective international marketing means deploying creative, powerful solutions. Our cutting-edge multimedia localisation tools open the door to more international marketplaces than ever before. Our customisable products integrate seamlessly with your current systems and can be scaled to meet your growing needs as you build your international footprint.

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Reach more customers using AI voiceovers and subtitling

Your message needs to be received loud and clear in every global location, but creating video or audio content in multiple languages is expensive and time-consuming. Use GlobalLink’s cloud-based AI voiceover, subtitling or closed captioning solutions and you’ll never have to recreate your multimedia content again for new international audiences.

Revolutionary AI media localisation

Use MediaNEXT to speak to an international audience, build your customer engagement, cut your time to market in half, and save on multimedia production costs. Our AI media localisation platform uses powerful neural machine translation combined with a two-step human approval process to simplify all your multimedia creation and localisation tasks.

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The future of machine translation

Machine translation offers the ideal solution when you need to reach your audience quickly with a high volume of content. Our accurate neural machine translation engines are trained to create multilingual content in your brand voice, using your industry-specific terminologies – and they learn even more with every task. Publish direct machine translations or enhance with minimal human post-editing.

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AI translation software that works your way

GlobalLink’s AI translation software can be customised to work with your existing systems, offering a cost-effective, accurate solution to your high-volume translation needs. Full integration via our feature-rich API means GlobalLink AI can streamline and optimise all your translation tasks, such as live chat, content creation and website localisation.


Customer stories

"GlobalLink Connect for InRiver enables us to be much more efficient, cut out a lot of manual costs, and deliver more consistent cross-border user experiences with much higher product quality information."

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GlobalLink Enterprise

Major multinational corporations have huge volumes of content that need accurate translation without any frustrating delays, IT headaches or quality oversights. GlobalLink Enterprise translation software gives you complete control of the entire process and the flexibility to choose your preferred translators, combine external and internal resources, and automate manual processes.

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