Prima Vista & Sight translation – direct oral translation of a document

Prima vista or sight translation means the interpreter also directly translates a document orally during an interpreting assignment. You can easily book this service at the same time as you book your interpreter.

When is it recommended to book sight translation?

Sight translation is suitable for situations such as the following:

  • When you need a text in a foreign language read aloud to get an overview of its content or to select the parts that need to be translated.
  • When you need a longer text in a foreign language summarised.
  • When you need help with the pronunciation of certain words or phrases, like at movie recordings.
  • In the cases of combination assignments where you need an interpreter who interprets oral communication and someone else who writes it down, e.g. in live broadcasts of various kinds.
  • When you need to have both speech and writing interpreted, such as reading documents aloud or giving a brief oral summary of documents.
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How do I book the easiest way?

By using the customer portal of Semantix, you can

  • order interpreting services 24/7 without any risk of telephone queues
  • manage the interpreting assignments directly through the web
  • change and cancel bookings
  • get information about your projects
  • communicate with Semantix.

You can use our customer portal for easy, fast and secure booking of interpreting services.

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