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Global, online marketplaces, such as Amazon, provide an ecommerce environment where retailers and customers from all over the world can meet, buy and sell. Our Amazon marketing agency is all about seizing opportunities to leverage these consumer interactions for maximum marketing benefit. Selling on Amazon isn’t like other eCommerce platforms. With its own search engine, algorithm and rules, success in this virtual marketplace requires having the right content that stands out from the crowd. Amazon is the world’s leading eCommerce platform.

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Amazon marketing

Assess, create, optimise and publicise multilingual product listings

We assess, create, optimise and publicise multilingual product listings and ensure every point of contact with the consumer makes a positive impact. We cultivate your business’s presence in the global marketplace, ensuring your listings always appeal to your target customers and stay one step ahead of the frequently changing search engine algorithms.

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Managed services

If you don’t have the resources or in-house expertise to start selling on Amazon, you can rely on us to take care of it for you.

From strategy and keyword research to content creation and translation. We’ll help your products climb the rankings.

We’ll build a solution that’s right for you. We’re here to make selling your products on Amazon as easy as possible.

Our Amazon Optimization Services

Amazon Seller Account Audit

Optimising content for Amazon's 'A+' requires balancing two essential factors: the search algorithm and the user experience. Simultaneously appealing to potential buyers and search-engine bots can be challenging, but it is something our ecommerce team are hugely experience in.

International Keyword Research

Localised SEO is a must for any business wanting to expand their online presence into international markets. Our international keyword research services ensure your keywords align with the most valuable search terms used by customers in each local market.

Amazon Competitor Analysis

Take advantage of our team’s unrivalled expertise and unbeatable experience in online marketing to identify your competitors’ strengths and implement best-practice solutions in your own online content.

Multilingual Review Monitoring

Online reviews provide exactly what shoppers are looking for: independent insight from someone who has already bought and used the product. They have become a go-to source of product information for would-be buyers. As a result, reviews should be treated like any other marketing content and optimised for maximum impact.

Amazon Product Listing Optimisation

Maximize the impact of your Amazon product listings with skilfully implemented optimisation techniques. When you’re competing against retailers from around the globe, you need to know what will work, and what won’t work, for your brand’s products and services.

Amazon Advertising Campaigns

When you invest in sponsored ads on Amazon, you must monitor your Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS). Your ACoS rating is a key metric that describes how well your Amazon ad is performing. We can optimise each ad’s content to boost its ACoS rating and maximise your RoI.

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A fully managed Amazon content service built around your needs

You need content like detailed product descriptions written in a way that resonates with your audience and complies with Amazon’s rules; dynamic visuals that showcase the best features of your products; and the right terms and keywords that maximise your chances of appearing in searches that count.


Whether you’re completely new to Amazon or looking to expand into the Nordic market, Semantix has the knowledge, experience and resources to help you succeed on Amazon.

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We know how content works on Amazon

We have the resources and the experience to promote your product range effectively to your target audience.


Finding the right language to convert shoppers is what we do. We have a range of tools at our disposal to create rich and compelling Amazon multilingual content.


Let us demonstrate how to use A+ content to take your listing to the next level, how to get the most from sponsored products, and how to win the all-important Buy Box.


With a range of content services focusing specifically on Amazon, we’re able to offer a completely tailored solution. We’ll take all the stress out of selling through Amazon.

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Download our Amazon cheat sheet

Have a cheat sheet at hand when creating your Amazon product listings. You’ll quickly get best practices for improving your product listings and how to boost your rankings.

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Let us know how we can help, and we'll be in touch shortly.

We’ll learn about your needs and build a solution that’s right for you. Our focus is on creating a smooth workflow that eases the pressure on you, while delivering a high level of service.


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Amazon Seller Glossary

As an Amazon seller, the first step towards boosting your sales is understanding the tools available to you. Read our glossary for sellers and vendors and tackle the extensive terminology of the world’s largest e-commerce platform.

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