About Semantix

With a history of growth and innovation, we now lead the way in language technology.

The first building blocks were laid

To satisfy the need of language services – primarily translation and interpreting – within the Swedish industry, Semantix was founded in 1969. Semantix as a brand was created in connection with a change in ownership in 2006 and through a merger of several companies and brands. This enabled us to meet our customers' needs for both a broad and specialised range of language services.

Continued expansion

Since 2006, Semantix has made a number of mergers and acquisitions with the aim of growing the business and continuously broadening the service offer. The most recent acquisitions include: TextMinded, Amesto Translations, Tolkvox and Teknotrans.

In 2021, Semantix merged with TransPerfect, the world’s largest provider of language and technology solutions for global business. Semantix operates as a division within the TransPerfect family of companies.

A global partner with a local presence

With globalisation, a growing European Union and an increasingly multi-cultural Nordic region, the needs for language services are growing and broadening. Higher standards are placed on clear communication both when we communicate in our own mother tongue and in other languages. Through the merger with TransPerfect, we offer our customers a global presence, expansive resources, and market-leading technology that allows us to proactively serve our customers both on a global scale and by maintaining a strong local presence in the Nordics.

Today, our vision is to be the leading language technology company for multilingual services.