About Semantix

With a history of growth and innovation, we now lead the way in language technology.

The need for language services arises

Until the mid-1930s, Sweden was characterised by significant emigration, but this was followed by a sharp change at the end of the 1940s. Then, we instead experienced a massive influx of foreign labour, which continued until the mid-1970s. This came as a response to direct demand from Swedish industry. The need for language services – primarily translation and interpreting – arose when people with different languages had to begin communicating with each other and documentation was to be prepared in different languages.

The first building block was laid

To satisfy these new needs, what would later become one of Semantix building blocks - Eqvator - was founded in 1969. At the time, it was not under the name Eqvator, but rather Språksektionen, and was a part of the newly formed Swedish Immigration Board. As a direct response to the needs of private business for a full-service agency for language services, SpråkCentrum was founded in 1975. This was followed by developments being characterised by the establishment of a growing number of specialised translation and interpreting agencies.

A successful merger

Semantix as a brand was created in connection with a change in ownership in 2006 and through a merger of several companies and brands: TolkJouren, Eqvator, SpråkCentrum, ITS översättningsbyrå, Languageland, Explicon and Abcom. We were thereby able to meet our customers' needs for both a broad and specialised range of language services.

Continued expansion and specialisation

Since 2006, Semantix has made a number of mergers and acquisitions with the aim of growing the business with continued specialisation:

  • INK Sverige (2007)
  • Lingua Nordica (2007)
  • Interpreto (2007)
  • Management Språkutbildning (2008)
  • Tolketjenesten.no (2009)
  • AAC Global's conference interpreting unit (2010)
  • Tamarind (2010)
  • INK Norge (2010)
  • Done Information (2011)
  • TextMinded (2017)
  • Amesto Translations (2018)
  • Tolkvox (2019)
  • Teknotrans (2019)
  • TransPerfect (2021)

Needs are ever larger and broader

With globalisation, a growing EU and an increasingly multi-cultural Nordic region, the needs for language services are growing and broadening. Higher standards are placed on clear communication both when we communicate in our own mother tongue and in other languages. We can offer our customers a very broad range of language and communications services that are not matched by anyone else on the market today. Our ambition is to benefit from the extensive experience that we possess to stay one step ahead and lead developments.

Today, our vision is to be the leading language technology company for multilingual services.

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