Professional proofreading and copy editing services by language experts you can trust

Mistakes in your content cost you time, money and credibility. It’s important that errors are spotted before publication, but this means hours of work by a professional proofreader. Using our fast copy editing and proofreading services ensures that your content is free of mistakes before they cause you problems, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

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Accuracy like never before

A proofreader with experience in your industry

Professional proofreading by a language expert chosen for their experience in your industry

Proofreading in over 200 languages

Proofreading of all your source content or translations. We ensure accuracy in all formats and all languages

Delivery as quickly as 24 hours

Content of up to 5,000 words proofread within 24 hours, or as agreed in your quote

Whatever your industry, we can help

Experienced proofreader at work

Whatever your industry, we can help

We have experts in:

  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Scientific
  • Medicine
  • Research and academia
  • PR
  • Sales and marketing
  • Digital content
  • Social media
  • Insurance
  • Print
  • Public sectors
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Spelling matters

Spelling mistakes won’t fall through the net again. Your proofreader eliminates spelling errors and makes sure your industry-specific terms are translated and spelt correctly.


Grammar and punctuation

Checking grammar and punctuation is time-consuming, especially if it isn’t something you do every day. Our proofreaders quickly correct any language structure or grammatical issues to save you time, money and your customers’ trust.


All formats, all industries

Our proofreaders cover all industries and any content format, including layouts, images and previously published material.


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Precise copy editing


Content structure

Your copy editor ensures that your content is well structured, your sentences flow and your intention isn’t clouded by readability issues.


Terminology and tonality

Your industry uses specific terminology and your brand has a unique voice. Copy editing checks terminology use and maintains your brand voice in every language.


Audience-specific editing

How you communicate and what you say changes depending on who you’re talking to. Your copy editor ensures the right content and tone for your audience or channel.

Word cloud with industry specific terminology

Consistent terminology and tone in every language

Your content should not only be free of mistakes, your terminology and tone of voice should be consistent. Our proofreaders use terminology management to make sure your terms and phrases are correct and in line with your brand.

We can also guide you on your tone of voice and help you create your own style guide, to ensure your brand voice is unmistakable in every language.

Style guides for any language
People across the globe

Professional proofreaders for a world of languages

We’ll match you with an expert who has the right language skills and experience in your industry.

That means you’ll get fast, accurate proofreading of your content and consistent use of your specific terminology and brand voice.

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Just some of the hundreds of languages we proofread

Arabic, Russian, Swedish, Danish

German, Norwegian, Finnish

English, Mandarin & many more

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Your new partner for language projects

Managing language projects is complex and time-consuming. Not only is it vital that your content is error-free – you often need it quickly and at short notice. We offer content creation and translation services, so you can choose to work with us on all your language projects. And with thousands of linguists with expertise in hundreds of languages and industries, you won’t need to manage multiple language partners – we can do it all.

We also offer tailored project management solutions to take the weight of your workflow, leaving you more time to focus on what you do best.

Language solutions tailored to your needs

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