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Semantix is the largest language service provider in the Nordics – and aims to become the market leader in language technology and multilingual services. Our 400+ employees together with a global network of thousands of language consultants deliver translation, interpreting and language solutions to customers across all industries.

Why Semantix?

At Semantix, we create value and drive development towards new and better solutions for our customers and business partners. Our mission is to make people and businesses shine in any language. Here at Semantix, SHINE stands for Self-starting – Helpful – Inclusive – Naturally curious – Entrepreneurial. Does this sound like you?

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Employee satisfaction

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Employee satisfaction

Personal development

We want to bring out the best in our employees, and we consider employee satisfaction and personal development highly important. We’re convinced that reaching your full potential is easier if you’re directly involved in, can influence and feel accountable for your own career development.

For your motivation, as a Semantix employee, we find it crucial that you and your manager invest in your relationship and reach a common understanding regarding expectations in your role. You both contribute to defining goals in areas in which you can grow, challenge yourself and contribute with your competence. You discuss not only the goals but also the way you and we get there together.

Boost yourself

Boost yourself

Appraisal process

We conduct our appraisals based on the behaviour described in our Employee Value Proposition, this means that the appraisals are focused on the Semantix values, guiding principles and leadership philosophy.

You and your manager will arrange to meet regularly. You’ll discuss and follow up on the progress towards your goals, adjust if necessary and ensure that you get the support and guidance that you need. The appraisal process is flexible, giving you and your manager freedom to use your good judgement.

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Healthy minds and bodies

Your physical and mental health are important to us. We help our employees to increase their physical activity level and improve their sense of wellbeing. It’s just as important to take care of your mind as it is to look after your body. That’s why we’re always looking for new ways to encourage and support our employees in all aspects of their health and happiness.

We see helping you maintain good health and mental wellness as a responsibility we share with you. We provide resources, such as stress management training, therapy sessions, exercise equipment and opportunities to take part in physical challenges and health initiatives.

We welcome your ideas and opinions. We believe that being heard and valued is a vital part of wellness. Working with a happy, healthy team is as important to us as working with a team of world-leading language experts. Together we can build a healthy, shiny future.

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