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Multimedia content is powerful because it enables you to speak to a worldwide audience. But making sure that your content is understood in every language can be time consuming and costly. Simplify and facilitate a data driven AI approach for media localisation and management using our revolutionary, cloud-based technology.

Localise and manage all creative media

Our revolutionary, cloud-based technology platform provides an easy and cost-effective way to localise and manage all creative media.


Our studio enables voice talents from around the world to record studio quality audio in a cloud-based environment, using a standardised home recording kit.

Order Portal

Clients can upload requests, receive estimates, download deliverables and track projects via a web-based portal complete with secure file transfer, and API integration with client systems.

Timed Text

Timed Text allows cloud-based subtitling and script creation with integrated translation memory, glossary and smart machine translation capabilities – a world first!

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Manage your projects with a single partner

Whether your business has complex, multiple language needs or you just have a simple project – we provide a complete solution. Our language experts make sure your brand voice and terminology are consistent in all your media, while you have one point of contact whatever your project needs.

Smart Machine Translation

Smart MT harnesses the combined power of AI and highly skilled post-editors. Human-approved translations are fed back into the MT engine, so the machine can learn from any amendments.


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Choose from a range of multimedia services


Subtitles in the language your audience understands, created using your brand voice and unique terminology.

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Multilingual voice-overs make sure your audience hears your message clearly – no matter what language they speak.

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Audio converted to text in any language means your material can be accessed and understood by a global audience.

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One integrated interface

Enjoy instant access to all your language projects in one place using our order and project management portal. The customisable interface lets you review and monitor all your historic and current projects quickly and easily.

You can order new services, monitor performance, check your spend and much more, from one simple platform.
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Your multimedia business needs covered

No matter what multimedia services your business needs, we're happy to help. Here are some examples of what our customers are using Semantix language solutions for:

  • Marketing and social media videos
  • Product showcasing and demos
  • E-learning and instructional videos
  • Health, safety, environment and quality training materials
  • Web accessibility compliance
  • Medical transcripts
  • Legal transcripts
  • Corporate transcripts
  • Research transcripts
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Professional multimedia services

Native-speaking professionals in 200+ languages

Style guides for consistent voice and terminology

Full-service language solutions with one point of contact

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Why you need global multimedia services

High-quality, professionally produced video content often requires a significant investment. Using multilingual voice-overs or subtitling means the same video is understood in multiple languages, eliminating the extra cost and time needed to produce new video content.

Accurate transcripts take the headache out of making sure your audio content is understood in every language. Our experts produce transcripts that are easy to distribute to non-native speakers – a simple way to save you time and keep costs down.

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