Reach out to the world using our multilingual subtitling services

Wherever in the world your video content is watched, subtitling makes your voice heard exactly as you intend by any audience. We provide a subtitling service tailored to your needs, enabling you to reach more people with your video content.

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Semantix subtitling and closed captions

Semantix subtitling and closed captions are created by native-speaking professionals – real people providing real language solutions. This eliminates problems caused by automated translations provided by the likes of YouTube such as incorrect context, poor grammar and mistranslation due to linguistic nuances.

We create subtitles or closed captions in a language your audience understands, using your unique tone of voice and terminology.

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Multilingual subtitling for a multicultural audience

We provide subtitling services for:

Marketing videos and webinars

Social media videos

Product showcasing and demos

E-learning and instructional videos

Health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) training materials

Ensuring compliance with web accessibility directives


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Our language experts subtitle your video content to ensure your message is loud and clear – even when the sound is turned down.

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Full multimedia solutions for your video projects

As well as subtitling, we offer full, end-to-end multimedia solutions, including voice-overs and transcription. We can also advise on the best combination of products for your campaign and target audiences. Whether you create videos for social media or have a new product to show the world – we can help.


Using multilingual voice-overs enables the same video to be understood in multiple languages, which eliminates video reshoots, reduces costs and cuts production timescales.

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We are able to transcribe from the vast majority of audio and video formats, and deliver the transcription with the simplest possible formatting.

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MediaNEXT technology

Our revolutionary, cloud-based technology platform provides an easy and cost-effective way to localise and manage all creative media. Find out how MediaNEXT can help.

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Deliver your message effectively using multilingual subtitles

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Subtitling rates

Every project is unique. We offer competitive rates that vary depending on your exact requirements. We pair you with expert translators, experienced in your industry sector, who can advise you on what will work best for your project.

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Spelling it out with subtitles for social media

Did you know that 85% of Facebook users watch video content without sound? If your social media videos aren’t subtitled, it’s probably time they were.

Multilingual subtitles enable your video content to be understood in different languages, increasing your reach on all major social media channels. They also help you to cut down on production costs, as there’s no need to reshoot or revoice the video for each market. We provide subtitling for all major social media channels, including Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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Make sure employees get the right message

Subtitling your company videos, i.e. sales and training videos, means your content is understood by everyone, including those who speak a different language or aren’t fluent in the native language.

This gives you peace of mind that internal communications and video content are delivered effectively to every employee in an international company.

Monitoring how your employees access and engage with subtitled material provides reassurance that subtitling is delivering your valuable information with clarity throughout the organisation.

If your content is complex or your employees are not fluent in the language being spoken, plain-language subtitling provides the viewer with a simplified transcript of the dialogue in either the original or the viewer’s own language.

Product demos and sales videos

With video marketing consistently rated as the best way to demo your products, it’s critical your videos can be understood by a global audience. With our subtitling and captioning service, we take your video and translate it using your unique tone of voice and terminology. We then create subtitled or captioned video content that reaches more people and delivers your message more effectively.

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Improving web accessibility with subtitling

We can help you make sure no one is left out in the cold when it comes to your website’s video content. Comprehension should never be compromised by language or disability. Important online information should be accessible to all, no matter what their native language or learning requirements.

Expert subtitling means crucial information is understood by everyone. This increases your potential audience and ensures your website meets the relevant standards set out in the EU Web Accessibility Directive.

What is the EU Web Accessibility Directive?

The directive came into force in 2016 and addresses access to websites and public service mobile apps for people with disabilities. It’s designed to help companies make sure their websites are accessible to everyone and provides a framework of standards to meet. The directive is part of ongoing work to create a European ‘union of equality’ based on shared inclusive standards. Read more about the EU Web Accessibility Directive.

  • How is subtitling done?

    The subtitling process includes a number of stages. First, our experts create a full transcript of your video’s content. They then work closely with you to determine the best way to translate and subtitle your video for your target audiences, for example business owners or product users. We then deliver your subtitling in the requested format.

  • Do you provide hard-coded or soft-coded subtitles?

    We can provide both hard-coded and soft-coded multilingual subtitling/captioning. Many of our customers request an SRT file so that subtitles can be played alongside video content, rather than ‘burned in’.

  • What is subtitling and how is it different to closed captions?

    Usually, the term subtitling is used when dialogue is needed in text form but the audience is still able to hear the video. Closed captions are used when the audience is unable to hear any audio and needs a textual description of all audible content, for example when music is playing.

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