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How to create great user experience (UX) in any language with software localisation

When it comes to software services, your app or platform needs to be intuitive. And language plays a key part in successfully onboarding and...


Translating a website – some practical advice

A number of surveys have shown that we soak up information in our own language to a much greater extent than in a foreign language, even if ...

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What does globalisation involve?

In contrast to internationalisation and localisation, globalisation includes every step required in order to reach a global market. The gene...

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How language intelligence affects the interpreting market

Nimdzi, an international market-research consultancy that surveys the entire language-services industry, recently released the Nimdzi Interp...

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Interpreting and translation – what’s the difference?

We are often asked about the difference between interpreting and translation. Although the difference may seem obvious to us, this is a fair...

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How much does it cost to translate a website?

David Karlsson works for our Sales Support team. Here, he draws up quotations and prepares translation assignments together with our custome...

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How do we choose the right translator for your assignment?

With 45,000 translation projects completed every year, we are used to finding the right translator for each assignment. Naturally, our own d...

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How to work with multiple translation suppliers

Sometimes, a single Language Service Provider (LSP) might not be able to handle all of your localisation business. Maybe, you’re already usi...

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How to simplify your translation with integrations and connections

When working with and managing languages there’s a lot of repetitive tasks that need to be carried out quickly and frequently.