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How our AI solution supports the EU transparency directive

An AI-driven solution provided by Semantix and collaborator ESTeam will power the translation of all official technical regulations within t...

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Optimise Your Amazon Product Listings for the Nordic Market (2021 Guide)

Amazon has arrived in the Nordics. Learn how to optimise your product listings to improve your rankings and seriously boost your sales.

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How to write a style guide

In this blog post, you’ll learn why a style guide is important and what can be included in it.

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How to create great user experience (UX) in any language with software localisation

When it comes to software services, your app or platform needs to be intuitive. And language plays a key part in successfully onboarding and...


Translating a website – some practical advice

A number of surveys have shown that we soak up information in our own language to a much greater extent than in a foreign language, even if ...

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What does globalisation involve?

In contrast to internationalisation and localisation, globalisation includes every step required in order to reach a global market. The gene...

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Translation, localisation or creative translation?

One important decision that you need to think about is what type of translation you need. In simple terms, the alternatives can be called tr...

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How language intelligence affects the interpreting market

Nimdzi, an international market-research consultancy that surveys the entire language-services industry, recently released the Nimdzi Interp...

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Interpreting and translation – what’s the difference?

We are often asked about the difference between interpreting and translation. Although the difference may seem obvious to us, this is a fair...