Work as an interpreter for Semantix

Working as an interpreter means helping people understand each other, and is an important contribution to the multicultural society.

We’re currently only recruiting freelance interpreters based in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

The languages ​​you interpret between are Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or Finnish and another language. Most interpreters work as freelancers, meaning that rather than being permanently employed, you accept or decline assignment requests from Semantix.

You decide which hours of the day you are available.

Semantix will only request assignments during these hours. Assignments can span over a few minutes of interpreting healthcare advice, to days or even weeks of work with clients.

In order to work as a freelance interpreter, you need to have completed an interpreting course.

Once employed, we offer mentoring, in-service training, support from psychologists, and technical tools.

You can choose a single method of interpreting, or several.

Some choose to only interpret over the phone, others offer their services on site as well as via video and phone call. At Semantix, we strive to provide our interpreters with the best conditions.

Recruitment process

Get started

Start by making your inquiry via the one of the links. All applications must be submitted through our web forms:

Application form - Sweden
Application form - Norway
Application form - Finland
Application form - Denmark

Once we have received all the required documents, we schedule an interview with you to assess your suitability as an interpreter.

Recruitment process

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Recruitment process

How it works

  1. Before being registered with Semantix, you need to sign our non-disclosure agreement along with any other documents necessary. Please also provide us with your billing information.

  2. Once completed, we will sign you up with Semantix. You will receive an email containing your interpreter number and information about our technologies. Your interpreter ID badge will arrive in the mail.

  3. After working with us for some time, we will follow up your work and your satisfaction with Semantix. If everything is up to par, you will continue working as an interpreter for Semantix.

Semantix can deny your application at any time during the process.


Work as a freelance interpreter

The work of an interpreter is ever-changing and assignments can span over a few minutes of interpreting healthcare advice, to days or even weeks of work with clients such as immigration agencies.

Semantix interpreting app

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Semantix interpreting app

Our own interpreting app and website are continuously developed to fit your needs, based on your feedback.

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