Medical translations

Medical translation provided by a specialist medical translator – that’s what we offer at Semantix. We are the largest supplier of language services in the Nordic countries and translate medical texts for the health service every day.

Three medical specialists at hospital

Medical translations have to be handled with care as these texts can save lives. We set high criteria, ensuring that our translators have expert skills in the subject, and are able to use the right terminology and really provide a first-class translation of your material. Whether the subject is medicine and surgery, health statistics, clinical diagnostics, veterinary medicine or another medical area, you can trust that our large network of translators have the right skills for the job.

Why choose Semantix?

We didn’t become the biggest in the Nordic countries out of the blue. Here are some reasons to pick us.

✔ We have a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

✔ We are ISO-certified.

✔ We offer translation into and out of every language.

✔ We offer pharmaceutical translations carried out by specialist medical translators.

✔ We offer certified translations.

✔ Our translators have signed confidentiality agreements.

✔ We offer express delivery.

✔ We offer integration and technical solutions to automate translation flows.

Want to order a medical translation?

We translate all kinds of medical texts


  • dissertations
  • pack inserts
  • dosage labels
  • research strategies/programmes
  • medical reports
  • medical studies
  • medical scientific articles
  • case notes
  • forensic reports
  • contracts
  • brochures
  • course catalogues
  • syllabi
  • Masters’ courses
  • press releases
  • study guides
  • reports
  • websites
  • annual reports
  • legal documents
  • medical diagrams
  • documents accompanying medical equipment
  • insurance documents
  • hospital discharge documents
  • scientific publications
  • medical notes
  • hospital notes
  • rules and legislation
  • clinical trial reports
  • research reports
  • scientific research
  • tests and analysis results.

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