Medical and life science translations

The medical and life science industry demands translations that meet the highest standards. This means that it’s essential to use highly qualified translators who understand your terminology and have industry experience. We are the largest supplier of language services in the Nordic countries, providing language services for the life science industry – with guaranteed data security and compliance.

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Why choose Semantix?

Hundreds of medical and life science companies worldwide choose to work with us every year. Here’s why:

You receive the highest quality of specialised life science translations in the Nordics

We provide full data security and assured compliance

We offer technical integration solutions to automate translation workflows

Whatever your translation requirements, we have the experts for you

Our experts translate to more than 200 languages

We offer fast delivery, whatever your project size

Data security

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Data security

We are ISO-certified, and our translators have signed confidentiality agreements.

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All texts translated by experts

Your industry has specific needs and terminology and our life science translators are handpicked to meet the unique demands of the life science industry. Here are just some of the translations we work on every day:

Clinical trials, research documents and reports

Medical e-learning courses and training documentation

Medical equipment documentation and manuals

Patient information and consent forms

Life science and healthcare product information

Serious adverse event reports, legal contracts and scientific articles

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End-to-end language service provider

Using multiple language service providers can be time-consuming and complex.

As a full-service provider, we can take care of all your language needs.
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Our services include:

Expert translations in all medical and life science fields

Copywriting for medical texts and marketing material

Transcription of research interviews, meetings and presentations

Glossaries and terminology

Voice-over and subtitling of video material

Interpreters for audits, inspections, conferences and meetings

Proofreading, review and revision

Medical translation provided by a specialist

Medical translations have to be handled with care as these texts can save lives.

Whether the subject is medicine and surgery, health statistics, clinical diagnostics, veterinary medicine or another medical area, you can trust that our large network of translators have the right skills for the job.

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