Global Social Media Marketing

In today’s online world, it is vital for international businesses to include social media platforms in their global marketing mix. It takes real expertise, however, to build a social media following in each international market.

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Global social media marketing

Multilingual teams for social media community management

With a diverse range of interests, practices and communities to navigate on each platform in every location, you need Semantix’s global social media marketing know-how to make it work. Our multilingual teams are immersed in the posting and sharing that takes place across the world’s social media, and are perfectly placed to deploy content in the right place at the right time to trigger the right response for your business.

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Social Media Marketing Services

International Social Media Management

Managing a social media account can be time-consuming. But, with help from Semantix, you can manage an array of accounts all over the world. Don’t worry about different languages, cultures and time zones. We’ll take care of it all as we deliver bespoke, brand-building content in every market.

Global Social Media Strategy

Wherever your target audience is to be found, our team of global social media experts will attract, engage and build a lasting relationship with them. By understanding, not only their language, but every cultural and social nuance, your brand will soon become part of their community.

Multilingual Content Production

Content that is generated for a local audience inspires trust in the brand and builds relationships with the community. Multilingual content production, therefore, is the crucial, first step towards establishing your business’s presence within any international market.

Social Media Community Management

Building your presence as part of a local community involves an engaging mix of organic posts, smart scheduling and the shrewd use of hashtags. By continually monitoring and improving these key aspects of social media, we help your business speak with local communities all over the world.

Social Media Monitoring

An incident or event can be perceived in different ways by different communities. The same is true for brands. We analyse all major social media platforms around the world to monitor attitudes towards your brand, and use this information to recommend an effective response.

Social Media Advertising Services

Paid social content is a way to establish a rapid foothold in a new market. So, if you want to expand your brand and tap into new, international markets, see what our Social Media advertising services can do for you.

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