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Translate instantly using state-of-the-art, secure technology

Although machine translation (MT) has become extremely popular in recent years, free web MT tools store and process your confidential data, which may not comply with your organisation’s IT security policy. With Semantix Secure MT, we have solved this problem by storing your data in a closed system that is never exposed to the public domain.

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Transformation from one thing to another

Cost-effective, quick and secure

The importance of data security in our digital world should be a core part of your business strategy, particularly in regards to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The number one reason behind any security breaches is that most companies do not provide a secure alternative for their employees.

With Semantix Secure Machine Translation, your employees have access to a secure service for professional use, which guarantees that the translation takes place in a closed system via encrypted transfer (over SSL). Other than avoiding security breaches, secure machine translation is a cost-effective and time-saving way to translate.

How it works


Use the simple web-based interface to log on from any computer within your organisation. You can translate entire files while retaining the formatting of the original document, so no more copy-paste.


Create a customised machine translation engine that is tailored to your specific industry or subject area, to optimise the quality and accuracy of your machine-translated content.


Contact our customer support if you need any help. Support is included in your monthly fee, which is based on the number of users.

Easily integrated in your organisation

Semantix Secure Machine Translation also comes as a widget that can be easily integrated into your company’s own environment, for example on your intranet.

By implementing the widget to your internal systems, you can make sure that no sensitive information is unintentionally shared publicly.

Machine translation

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Just fill in your details and see for yourself how simple it is to machine translate your text using the latest, secure technology. Paste the text or upload a file and hit translate – and get the translated text back instantly.

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Our management uses SSMT as a valuable tool to quickly translate internal information into different languages across the company.

Patrik Eksell, Väderstad
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When to use secure machine translation

Secure MT is the ideal solution when you need to produce quick results to understand the essence of manuals, emails, web content, social media updates and other content written in another language. More importantly, Secure MT also keeps your confidential content away from the public domain.

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Enhance your translations

You can enhance the quality of Secure MT by feeding it content specific to your organisation or industry. This allows you to ‘train’ the machine, resulting in more tailored and natural-sounding translations.

Should you need to ensure that content such as legal tenders and technical documentation hits just the right mark, let one of our professional translators post-edit your machine-translated content for the best possible results.


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