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Every year, we translate annual reports, interim reports and directors’ reports for nearly 100 different companies.

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Annual Report Translation

The preparation, publication and translation of an annual report requires careful planning and imposes significant demands on time among the employees of an organisation. Needless to say, the report is the most important document a company publishes. It also goes without saying that it is critical that the information published in the report is consistent with the actual numbers, and that the terminology used is correct and consistent with IFRS guidelines. The same is true, of course, for the translation of the annual report.

Why translate an annual report?

Many large, listed companies aim to present their annual report in two or more languages. One is most often the language used by owners and shareholders in the country of listing, and the other is most commonly English, given that English is the most widely used and understood language in business.

A translation into English is intended to inform foreign owners and shareholders about the company’s position and financial performance, while also attracting new investors and new capital so that the company can grow further. Most companies that translate their annual report have regular routines and processes for translation.

They usually have a preferred translator who knows the company’s terminology and fields of expertise, while the translator also has a sound knowledge of financial terminology and IFRS guidelines. The finance and communications departments work closely with the translator, in order to ensure that the translation is the best it can possibly be while still complying with all policies and using the correct terminology.

Many companies also consider it important that the translator is a native speaker of the language in question, increasing the chances that the translation will be carried out to the highest quality by an individual who can express themselves correctly. Some also use internal native speaker resources to ensure a good translation.

Translation memory

The translation memory created by the translator, is hosted by Semantix but is owned by the customer. The next time the company needs to translate an annual or interim report, they can be confident that Semantix knows their preferred terminology. Semantix also has its own financial translators who have completed courses in IFRS guidelines, and who know how an annual report should be translated. And you, as customer, need not worry about the translator being unavailable. Your annual report will nonetheless be translated, using your preferred terminology, within the time frame you specify, by a specialist translator with the requisite knowledge. And isn’t that what matters?

As one of the top 25 language service providers in the world, Semantix has over 50 years’ experience of planning and carrying out translations in numerous different specialist fields. Our translations are always carried out by native speakers with expertise on the subject to be translated. We have our own systems and routines that ensure consistent, quality translations and correct terminology, over and over again.

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