What is the Semantix Translation add-on for Episerver? A topping?

What is the Semantix Translation add-on for Episerver? A topping?

How interesting is this heading? If you work in Episerver, it’s extremely interesting. Or should be. Because it’s all about saving time and money. Okay, are you listening now?

Published 4/6/2017

Who isn’t sick of seeing websites where someone has copy/pasted the translations and not had enough time to make sure the text was added and coded as well as the original language? Well you no longer have to. Not if you work in Episerver, that is.

What is Semantix Translation?

It’s an add-on, or extension, for Episerver that makes translating website texts easy. You export the text for translation with the click of a button, and import the translated text with another click.

What exactly are the benefits of Semantix Translation for Episerver?

It sounds incredibly simple, I hear you say. And yes, it is. But what are the benefits?

  • You save loads of time, as you don’t have to copy/paste the text for it to be translated and then copy/paste it back again once it’s been translated.
  • The format of your export file is compatible with our translation software, which in turn means that the code in the text, i.e. the font, pitch, links, etc. are not affected during translation.
  • Having every language ​​that is relevant to your business on your website also improves the company's position in Google’s rankings.
  • As Semantix offers discounts on translations sent via Semantix Translation, your translation costs will be lower.

How does it work?

You use Semantix Translation Export to select the pages to be translated. With just a few clicks, you create an export file that you then send to Semantix Translation. Once the job is complete, you download the translated file from the Semantix customer portal and use Semantix Translation Import to import it into the correct place on your website.

How do I buy Semantix Translation for Episerver?

Contact us directly by sending an email to contact@semantix.se.

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