Lawyer Göran Mandorff keeps his language skills current

Lawyer Göran Mandorff keeps his language skills current

Here at Semantix’s language training unit, we use many different training methods: one-off sessions, seminars and longer programmes that run for several years. I met up with Göran Mandorff, one of our long-term customers. Göran works as a lawyer for the law firm Fylgia, and he and his colleagues have studied English with our course leader David Ely for many years.

Published 9/27/2016

A group of six of them now come together for an hour and a half every other week. The training programme began in 2008 with several groups from throughout Fylgia, and Göran and his colleagues chose to continue their studies.

Finding a suitable time for their sessions wasn’t easy, so they have varied the format over the years. The current version combines training with lunch.

“After all, we need to eat!” laughs Göran. “Our lessons with David are incredibly useful and relevant to our work. And they also boost our self-confidence.”

Everyone in the group works with similar branches of law ‒ company law, contract law and insolvency law ‒ which is a big advantage.

“The content of the individual lessons varies, but David has always prepared a few exercises that we start with, after which someone raises a question from a current case and the discussions get under way. Sometimes this takes up the entire lesson. Another time we might have different letters that need to be written, so we might have more terminology questions. Sometimes the lesson is purely about grammar, but this is always linked to our work and based on our needs. To begin with we had homework, but no one had enough time so we did away with it!”

I ask Göran why they chose to keep investing in training when their English-language skills are already excellent.

“Practising our English makes a difference, and it feels easier when we need to speak English at work. Our lessons ensure that we maintain our language skills.”

Göran concludes by saying that the training is extremely rewarding.

“Our English skills should always be close at hand ‒ natural and readily available.”

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