Ten reasons to work with a single language company

Ten reasons to work with a single language company

The answer to the question of whether there’s one good reason to work with a single language company is the classic: “No, there are many good reasons!” Here are ten good reasons – get in touch if you want even more!

Published 6/1/2015

1. Volume discounts

Just like anything else, translations are subject to a budget. And all too often, that budget might not stretch as far as you want it to. But the more you order from a single language company, the greater the opportunities to negotiate on price.

2. The language company learns more about your needs and your materials every time you place an order

Finding a language company that you are happy with is a bit like finding a new partner. To begin with, it’s impossible to know exactly what the other one needs and wants, but the more time you spend together the more you learn about each other. Once you’ve placed a couple of orders, the language company will know what comes top of your wish list – and will give you it before you even have to ask!

3. The translator learns more about your needs and your materials every time you place an order

Translators are linguistic chameleons who can adapt their style, tone, choice of words and focus according to your needs. However, the translation process is to some extent a subjective process: where one customer prefers a relaxed tone in their texts, another will prefer stricter wording while a third will prioritise using certain terms over others. If you always use the same language company, you can often request the same translators – resulting in more uniform texts in the long term.

4. Faster deliveries

To begin with, it can take a while to find out what type of translation you need and want. If you have used a particular language company previously they will already have this information and can place your text for translation more quickly. They may also know which translator is most suitable, and the translator in turn will already know about your wishes in terms of style, terminology, etcetera.

5. Better quality translations

Although perhaps we should have called this point ‘Better coherence’. A text can be translated in countless different ways, and each variation can be just as ‘right’. The question is which variation is right for you?

6. A better overall picture of your company’s text materials

The more texts you sent to a language company, the better the background information the language company will have in preparation for future texts. The language company will be able to help you to build up terminology databases, adapt translation tools (see below) or maybe change things in the source material that haven’t worked.  

7. The more material the language company receives, the more effective CAT tools will be

Today’s translation work is a technical process that is often carried out using CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools. A CAT tool includes a ‘translation memory’ that enables us to store information about your texts. This means that the next time you want to translate your company’s annual report or update the user manual for a particular piece of equipment, we don’t have to start from scratch. This saves you both time and money, and ensures more consistent text quality.

8. A better understanding of your company’s brand

A company’s texts all contribute – both internally and externally – towards the company’s image. A language company that knows you is an important tool for conveying the image of your company that you want to present to your customers, your employees and the rest of the market.  

9. Better knowledge about your processes

Once the language company has learnt how you work (ideally by telephone, together with another time zone, with fixed delivery times, etc.), they will be able to adapt according to your routines.

10. Greater opportunities for developing adapted processes and routines

If you have large amounts of text to be translated which require complete confidentiality, for example, the language company can often offer a tailor-made alternative with working processes that are adapted to suit your requirements.

If you find a language company that you’re happy with, stick with them! In the long run, this will lead to even better collaboration and additional advantages. You will then get even better translations that are adapted to suit your company’s circumstances, needs and wishes.


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