Three important pieces of advice: As a customer, how can I help to ensure that the translation is as good as possible?

Here are our three top pieces of advice for customers who want to ensure that they receive the best possible translations after submitting their request.

Published 7/13/2015

Only you know exactly what type of translation you need. When you are involved in the various stages of the process the results will be better and we can also be sure of identifying any misunderstandings or omissions in the order at an early stage. You have already provided plenty of useful background information when submitting your request. Here are our three main pieces of advice for contributing after the translator has started working on the text.

1. Be available and answer any questions

If the subject area of the text relates to your everyday work, you will have valuable knowledge that is not always as obvious to the translator. You may use specific terminology at your company, or you may work with a narrow and innovative field or have an agreed policy on the style and tone to be used in your written materials. Be ready to answer any questions during the translation process, or refer questions to a colleague who has a good understanding of the project. This will make things much easier for the translator, and will result in a translation that both parties are satisfied with.

2. Check the delivered translation

Once the translation has been delivered, check it straight away. If any changes are needed it is important to do so as soon as possible, while the material is still fresh in the translator’s mind. You will then avoid having to wait for the translator to re-read the material.

3. Valuable feedback

Always give your contact feedback. It is important to know what worked well and what could be improved before the next project.

A good translation is the result of good collaboration between the translator and the customer. Only you know exactly what type of translation you need. We can help you to get there!

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