Our professional Vendor Team: one of our most important assets

Our professional Vendor Team: one of our most important assets

One of our most important assets here at Semantix is, of course, our translators. Obviously, we also need much more than just skilled, professional translators if we are to deliver the right quality to the right customer at the right time, but without our translators we would certainly find ourselves in a difficult situation. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and so our Vendor Team needs to be a particularly strong link.

Published 6/6/2016

High quality deliveries over time

It may not be obvious, but having a professional vendor team to recruit linguists in a systematic, knowledgeable and consistent manner is crucial to the high quality service that we deliver to our customers on a daily basis. The team can be essential to meeting deliveries and maintaining quality – not only in the short term, but also over time and in every type of project. The Vendor Team is also responsible for understanding – based on the customer’s specifications – what type of profile linguists need for each individual and forthcoming assignment, as well as ensuring that there are enough linguists with appropriate profiles for dealing with the volumes within various subject areas and for different customers. After all, no one is an expert at everything.

To ensure that Semantix meets its deliveries, our Vendor Team works continuously and strategically to ensure that we have access to qualified translators in all the language combinations our customers need. Not only must our translators know certain languages, they must also match all the other requirements that we and our customers place in terms of availability, capacity, subject knowledge, technical skills, access to hardware and software, and so on. The Vendor Team also ensures that linguists are always available with knowledge within the subject areas required – always with industry expertise, and sometimes with highly specific, specialised customer knowledge.

Our database: an important tool

As a natural consequence, our database is one of the most important tools in our work. Our database enables us to keep track not only of each linguist’s specialist knowledge, areas of expertise and qualifications, but also of their history of working with us. The database is searchable, so that we can be effective in matching the right assignment with the right translator, language consultant or layouter. Database administration is essential to a large language company.

Long-term, productive cooperation brings win-win effects

The Vendor Team is responsible for recruiting translators and ensuring that they meet all the requirements that we and our customers place on them. But it is just as important to establish good contact and communication, and to continuously develop our relationship and the vendor’s skills and knowledge. In brief, we need to ensure good cooperation. And this benefits everyone: us, our customers and our linguists.

As a team, we need to work with both short- and long-term solutions at the same time. Our goal is to build relationships and cooperation that work for all involved, and that ensure this work runs smoothly. To do so, we use support systems, ISO-certified processes and procedures, and continuous evaluations. It goes without saying that the members of our Vendor Team are experts at what they do. They are detectives who constantly track down, evaluate, communicate, administer, verify and analyse. They also act as advisors to our project managers when new needs crop up.

An important strategy – particularly for our customers

As you can see, we invest a great deal of knowledge and time in having the right expertise to carry out your assignments when you contact us. This is an important strategy that distinguishes us from the crowd, and that makes us a reliable partner for translation and language services. The fact that we constantly strive to become even better at what we do is another advantage!

If you need translations or other related services, contact us and we’ll discuss the best way to meet your needs.