When accuracy is a matter of life or death

When accuracy is a matter of life or death

When the content of texts to be translated is a matter of life or death, it’s extremely important that everything is correct. Our customers within the medical industry are experts in their own terminology. They have to be. There’s so much at stake when it comes to pharmaceuticals.

Published 2/10/2017

The pharmaceutical industry places high demands on translations. Everything needs to be precise and accurate, otherwise patients could be harmed. So what do medical companies do to ensure that their texts are correct and consistent? Many of them have terminology databases that they provide us with, and it is becoming increasingly common to work with our customers in language management systems.

What is a term database?

A term database is a list of words that a company typically uses. These include the names of their products or services, as well as industry terms. Together, these make up the company’s terminology. When this list of terms is stored as a database with us, the terminology database is linked to our CAT (computer aided translation) tools and the company’s texts, and the translator then has access to the terms via his or her work tools. When a terminology database is used, you can be confident that the right words and names have been used in the translation, and that the text will be translated consistently no matter who translates it.

What does a language management system involve?

In order for information to work in the countries where the company sells its products, all the information is needed in the local language. Translations and the company’s terminology and translation memories are handled in a language management system, so that all the information in all languages is up-to-date, correct and consistent. The translation agency is linked together with the system, and all work takes place in real time. The system acts as a hub that is updated in real time as new products and markets are added and the company grows.

Who at the company is involved?

It’s hard to say who will deal with languages and documentation, as this can vary from company to company. However, it is generally the case that everyone who deals with documentation at the company will be involved in one way or another. It is usually the marketing, product and information departments that are involved.

What are the benefits of language management?

More and more of our customers are recognising the many benefits of using a language management system. The main benefits are the time savings and the opportunities for control and getting a clear overview. And, of course, the company saves money. It also makes it much easier to add additional languages and keep the information consistent as new products are launched.

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