Finding out about your employees’ language level

Finding out about your employees’ language level

Finding out about your employees’ language skills isn’t always easy. For example, they may have good knowledge within a limited field, or an extensive vocabulary within a particular language but no grammar. I asked Semantix’s Charlott Israelsson a few questions. Team Leader Charlott has worked in the industry for many years, so she is in a good position to answer my questions.

Published 6/20/2016

What are the most commonly requested types of language training?

The most popular training is professional English or French, both for individuals and for groups. By professional English or French I mean the language used within your company’s specific industry and in your everyday work.

Do you also offer training in other languages?

Yes, we offer training in every imaginable language. For example, we are currently providing training in Arabic, Russian, Swahili, Romanian, Bulgarian and Swedish.

Would I end up with people from other companies if I enrol on a course with you?

No. We tailor the training to you and your colleagues, taking your needs and wishes as our starting point. Before the training course begins, we also find out about the participants’ language level. Another important aspect of the planning process involves matching every course with the right course leader. All our course leaders have a degree in a specific academic field, enabling us to easily adapt the training according to your particular industry.

If there are several people at my company who need training, can you put together a course for us?

Absolutely! We establish the participants’ language levels, put together groups and draw up a course plan for your company’s approval. We then book dates and times when our course leaders will come to you to run the training sessions. Of course, we also check during the training that you are satisfied and then finish with an evaluation.

Let’s say, for example, I’ll be moving to Germany and working in the construction sector. Can you help me with the language so that I can work there?

We certainly can. Not only can we help you with the language, we can also teach you about the cultural differences between Sweden and Germany.

If I don’t know about my employees’ language level, how can I find out?

We carry out a needs analysis and a language test at individual level, and we can also carry out an overall inventory of your employees’ existing language skills and training needs. We do this through a combination of a computer test and oral interviews. We then summarise the results and send them to you.

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