Interpretab – mobile video interpreting

Interpretab gives you quick and easy access to high quality interpreting, increasing security in the health service, the legal system or homecare services, for example.

What is Interpretab?

Interpretab is video interpreting, in other words, interpreting via your own computer, or a tablet that you hire from Semantix. Your interpreter will be present on screen, which gives you the feeling of having an interpreter there with you, while also giving you access to interpreters across a wider geographical area, with exactly the skills you need. If you book an interpreter for a doctor’s appointment, for example, Interpretab is an excellent option as the interpreter will be able to see and hear you and be part of the whole conversation, although they are not physically present.

What are the advantages of Interpretab?

  • You can see the interpreter and they can see you. With pictures and sound involved, it is easier for you to get a better idea of the situation and be able to give tips and advice on appropriate action more quickly..
  • A complete view of the situation. In a video conversation, the interpreter can see facial expressions, and e.g. symptoms that are hard to describe on the phone, and the video conversation reinforces the telephone conversation.
  • More flexible for you as a client. Portable equipment means you can choose to be at your workplace and out in the field – the interpreter is wherever you are.
  • Access to more interpreters. Using Interpretab gives you access to interpreters across a wide geographical area.

Security and confidentiality

We take security extremely seriously and encrypt all communication. All video communication is via WebRTC, which means that the traffic takes the quickest and most secure route between the parties in the conversation. As with telephone interpreting, the interpreter is in an environment that guarantees confidentiality.

Can I use my own computer, tablet or mobile device?

You can either hire a Interpretab tablet with a speaker from Semantix for a monthly fee, or use your own computer equipment. To use your own equipment, you need a working internet connection with at least 4G, Google Chrome as a browser and a webcam and speaker that you connect to your equipment for the optimum experience. You simply connect directly to the interpreter via your order number once you have tested your equipment. You can test your equipment below.

What do I need to think about when hiring an interpreter?

Sit in a triangle. The screen should be placed at the apex of the triangle, and you and the person you are speaking to should sit opposite each other so that you can have eye contact during the conversation. 

I would like to book an on-site interpreter but I haven’t got a login. What do I do?

Fill in the form below and we will send you your login details.