What is video interpreting?

Video interpreting is just like telephone interpreting with the user and client in the same room but with the interpreter working via a video link rather than on the phone. Here the interpreter can see participants’ facial expressions and participants can see the interpreter. In places where there is no access to specially trained interpreters, video interpreting is a good alternative.

How does video interpreting work?

Today video interpreting can be done in several different ways. One way is for you to use your own video conferencing equipment or a computer fitted with a portable camera, a speaker, a microphone and video communication software. Another is to carry out video interpreting via a mobile device, such as a tablet. Semantix’s own video interpreting solution, Tolkomaten, also makes video interpreting more accessible, user-friendly and flexible for you.

What are the advantages of video interpreting?

Video interpreting has several advantages. Here are some examples:

  • The interpreter’s working time is used more efficiently.
  • You don’t have to pay travel expenses.
  • The environmental impact is also lower as the interpreter does not need to travel.
  • You have access to a wider range of interpreters because you don’t need to find an interpreter where you are located and can hire an interpreter from a wide geographical area.

When is it best to use video interpreting?

We recommend you use video interpreting when:

  • You need an interpreter with specific competence
  • You need interpreting in a less common interpreting language
  • You have a working webcam, portable speaker and a good internet connection.

What do I need to think about when hiring an interpreter?

Sit in a triangle. The screen should be placed at the apex of the triangle, and you and the person you are speaking to should sit opposite each other so that you can have eye contact during the conversation. 

What is sight translation?

Sight translation is when the interpreter also translates a document orally on the spot as part of an interpreting assignment. You can book this service when booking your interpreting call.

The advantages of using our client center

If you use our client center, you can

  • order interpreting services round the clock without the risk of being put on hold
  • manage interpreting yourself online
  • change and cancel existing bookings
  • download information about your assignments
  • communicate with the Semantix interpreting service.

Our client center makes booking interpreting services easier, faster and more secure.

I would like to book a video interpreter but I haven’t got a login. What do I do?

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