Information about telephone interpreting


Think about this when telephone interpreting

  • You must always carry out interpreting from a land line phone. You may only use a mobile phone if this is agreed with Semantix.
  • You are responsible for ensuring a working environment without disruptions in the background, such as mobile phones, music, TV, young children or somebody doing household work nearby.
  • You must be available by phone for the entire time booked even if the customer is delayed for some reason.
  • If you are booked for an assignment right before another assignment, it is beneficial if you state this at the beginning of the interpreting discussion. Then the customer knows when the discussion must be concluded at the latest in order for you to be available for the next customer on time.
  • You must always notify Semantix of your current phone numbers. This is extra important if you have several phone lines or if you are temporarily at another number than your regular number.
  • You must always report the actual interpreting time. It is important that you and the customer agree on the beginning and end time for the assignment after concluded telephone interpreting.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that your phone and technology works, that the handset is properly placed, etc.
  • You must always notify of changes, such as delays.