Information about on-site interpreting

To keep in mind in on-site interpreting


  • You are responsible for ensuring that you are at the right place at the right time. Remember to check the address well in advance if you are uncertain.
  • You must always notify Semantix of your current phone numbers. It is important that we can get in touch with you to notify you of any changes.
  • You must always report the actual interpreting time. It is important that you and the customer agree on the beginning time, end time and travel time for the assignment. If there is a debate, contact Semantix and we will help.
  • You must always notify of changes, such as if you are delayed, at phone number +46 (0)770-457 410.
  • Think about the placement in the room: try to position yourself so that a triangle is formed where the customer and the client/patient have eye contact with each other.
  • Fill in your order form before you begin the assignment. At the end of the assignment, the customer can then quickly fill in the remaining information.