Questions and answers about Semantix

Semantix has offices in three Nordic countries – Sweden, Finland and Norway.


In Finland, we have offices in four cities, and the largest office is in Helsinki. In Norway, we have offices in two cities: Stavanger and Oslo.


Where in Sweden do you have offices?

We have offices in six cities in Sweden: Malmö, Gothenburg, Norrköping, Uppsala, Umeå and Stockholm. The head office is located in the Stockholm district of Östermalm. Most of the support functions are represented there.


What does the gender distribution look like at Semantix?

The gender distribution is 67% women and 33% men.


What does the age structure look like?

The average age in the Group is 36.6. If we look individually at the respective service areas, it differs between interpreting and translation where interpreting has a lower average age.


How long is the average period of employment at Semantix?

The average period of employment at Semantix is 8 years (2013).


What is your staff turnover?

Semantix has a personnel turnover of around 8% (2013).