Management at Semantix

Development, groups and support.

How many managers are there in the organisation today?

There are 25 managers at Semantix and its sister companies.

How many management levels are there?

There are four levels from team leaders to the CEO.

How large are the groups one is a manager of?

It depends entirely on what service area and activity one is a manager in. It varies from area to area.

What support does one receive as a manager?

As a new manager with us, you are assigned an internal mentor who works closely with you in the first phase. Who you get as a mentor depends on what kind of experience and expertise you have when you are hired. Besides this, HR and your immediate manager provide support. In some cases, we can also provide additional support with various development efforts.

Are there internal development programmes for managers?

Yes, we usually hold manager seminars a few times a year where we work to provide the right tools that you may need as a manager. This may involve both internal training and inspiration and development programmes from external providers.