Work environment

Room, fitness and diversity issues.


Do you have your own room or do you work in an office landscape?

There are both individual rooms and an office landscape. The office environments are different, depending on where one works.


Do you offer a fitness allowance?

Yes, we offer a fitness allowance of SEK 2,500 per year to our employees.


Do you actively work with diversity issues?

Yes, we do. A significant part of the value of Semantix consists of our employees and their collective expertise. There is diversity in the composition of our staff in terms of linguistic expertise, international experience and academic specialities.

Our success on the market depends on our employees' knowledge and creativity, as well as our ability to channel this knowledge and experience to do good business and satisfy our customers. Semantix wants to be a stable and expansive corporate group where the employees are satisfied, see opportunities to develop and stay with the company. Common values where the customer is in focus and clear commitment that leads to active participation are the means of achieving this.