Fully automated machine translation service

Machine translation (MT) is an automatic translation from one language to another. The benefit of machine translation is that it is possible to translate large swathes of text in a very short time.

Translator working with machine translation at office

      If you order MT from us, the translation takes place in a closed system via encrypted transfer. The quality can be improved by letting us train the machine to fit your organisation’s terminology or by ordering post-editing from one of Semantix’ translators.

      Not sure if machine translation is what you need? Try a demo version for free, or read on to learn more about MT and its benefits, as well as when to use MT and when to avoid it.

      How does machine translation work?

      Up until late 2016, all of the machine translation products on the market were based on algorithms that use statistical methods to try to ascertain the best possible translation for a given word. This technology is known as Statistical Machine Translation (SMT). SMT involves advanced statistical analysis to estimate the best possible translations for a word given the context of a few surrounding words.

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      On the other hand, Neural Machine Translation, or NMT as it is abbreviated, performs the process by attempting to model high level abstractions into data, much closer to how it is undertaken by a human than the traditional statistical approach. Neural networks better capture the context of full sentences before translating them, which entails higher quality and a more human-sounding output. Semantix offer NMT in most language combinations.

      Specially trained engine to fit you

      Improve your machine translation engines by letting us train them. This is a quick way of improving the quality of your machine translations. Applying the right engine to the right projects is the first key to success. A machine translation engine is “trained” with texts that are specific to you as customer or the industry you operate in.

      With a specially trained engine, the terminology and sentences used in the translated text are based on those used in the training material, thus raising the quality of the machine translation.

      When to use MT and when to avoid it

      Sometimes, the general essence of a text is all you need from your translation. In that case, machine translation provides a perfectly acceptable translation alternative. If the machine gets it right, it produces astonishingly good translations. However, machine translation will never beat a professional human translation. It is important to know what MT can and cannot do, and when it should be used.

      The benefits of Machine Translation

      Machine translation gives you a quick and comprehensive understanding of a document. If you specially train the machine to your needs, machine translation provides the perfect combination of quick and cost-effective translations. With a specially trained machine, MT can capture the context of full sentences before translating them, which provides you with a high quality and human-sounding output. With our machine translation tool, the layout of the text will be retained, and the translation is returned almost immediately.

      When to use Machine Translation

      Use machine translation when getting the general meaning across is sufficient, such as with social media updates, manuals, presentations, forums or message boards. Apply translation memories to remember your key terms, and the machine translation is good for translating web content and web pages.

      Can MT be used for confidential information?

      If you need to translate sensitive information often, such as emails and internal documents, we recommend you use our secure MT tool to ensure that you and your employees have a secure alternative to other free and unsafe online translation tools at all times.


      • Flexible
        Simple, flexible service that can easily be adapted to your company’s translation needs.
      • Retained layout
        Translated files are returned in their original layout through Semantix interface.
      • Quick turnaround
        Short lead times, the translation can be returned almost instantly.
      • High security
        All processing done via secure HTTPS connection. Encrypted data transfer. No files or texts are saved.

      Professional translation

      Machine translation will not replace human translators any time soon. However, MT is great when productivity is of the essence. Professional translation offers the highest quality and includes additional levels of review to ensure accuracy. When you order translation from us, the translations are undertaken by professional translators with extensive experience in their specialist fields. We have translators with a wealth of experience in your specific industry.

      When should you use professional translation?

      Professional translation is particularly suited to texts where quality is of material importance, such as contracts, annual reports, medical or legal documentation, press releases, brochures, and white papers.

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