In a global ranking of language service providers, Semantix is now the 14th largest

In this year’s ranking of the largest language service providers, Semantix comes in at number 14.

Each year, Common Sense Advisory compiles a list of the world’s 100 largest companies providing translation, localization and interpretation services. It also issues a report on the global language services market. The report contains information on the status and trends in the 2017 global language service market, along with Common Sense Advisory’s forecast for the coming year. Semantix has consistently ranked as the largest language service provider in the Nordic region ever since the first report was issued twelve years ago.

According to Common Sense Advisory, language service providers are at a crossroads, where future success depends on the ability to make new investments in order to remain competitive. The biggest challenges that companies in this industry face have to do with technology developments in automation and AI, along with streamlining and cost-saving initiatives.

“Our recent acquisition of Amesto Translations in March of this year further strengthened the leading position that Semantix holds in the Nordic market. With this acquisition, Semantix takes a leap forward in its efforts to consolidate our operations and provide a more technologically advanced and strategic offering to our clients,” says Patrik Attemark, CEO of Semantix.

Semantix is the largest language company in the Nordics, providing interpreting, translation and advanced language solutions to the public sector and private corporations for more than 50 years. Semantix has a turnover of approximately SEK 1billion and operates in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. The group runs offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland and has representations in UK, China, Chile and Spain. Semantix has some full-time 450 employees and manages a comprehensive network of thousands of language specialists all over the globe. Semantix is majority owned by the private equity fund Segulah V L.P. For more information, please visit