Semantix achieves 15th place in the global ranking of the largest language service providers

This year’s edition of the Common Sense Advisory global ranking of the largest language service providers sees Semantix in 15th place. The report also indicates a reversal of the globalisation trend.

Every year, Common Sense Advisory ranks the hundred largest providers of translation, localisation and interpreting services in the world and presents them in a report on the global language market. Common Sense Advisory assesses both the global market and the local regions defined by the UN on the basis of companies’ reported revenues and other financial information from the past year and presents its forecast for the coming years. Semantix has been the largest language company in the Nordic region every year since the rankings began.

According to Common Sense Advisory, the recent revival in nationalistic politics aims to restrict cross-border global trade. In response, we are seeing increased regionalisation aimed at developing regional cooperation and integration between countries in specific regions.

“It’s great that Semantix is now the fifteenth largest language company in the world, and is still the largest in the Nordic region, but we are looking forward with confidence to next year’s report, when our recent acquisition of language company TextMinded will be included in Semantix’s result. Our presence on more local markets means we are also keeping up with the stronger trend for regionalisation. We are definitely on the right track,” says Anders Uddfors, CEO of Semantix.

Semantix is ​​the leading provider of translation and interpreting services in the Nordic region, with almost 50 years of experience. Clients include both small and large companies and public authorities in various industries. Semantix has turnover of approximately SEK 900 million and has offices in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, China, Chile and Spain. In total, the company has approximately 450 employees and a network of around 7,000 freelance language consultants. Semantix is ​​majority-owned by private equity fund Segulah V L.P.